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Hex League 2023 Split 2 coming up

Since last year, the Hex League brings together the 16 best French players for several weeks of competition on TeamFight Tactics. At the previous Split, it was Lyyyress who won the title New faces from Up and Down will try to dethrone him.

Summary of Up and Down

The Hex League is open to all. Therefore, at the end of each split, a promotion/relegation tournament is held to give the best players of the French Open Tour a chance to enter the next level. They then face the least performing players of the finished split. For these Up and Down, the qualifiers were as follows:

Players from the Split

  • Volatriux (Solary)
  • Xperion (PCS)
  • Zyk0o (MIH)
  • Gheed (Exalty)

Players from the Open Tour

  • Sunshee (KRC)
  • Jedusor (KRC)
  • Armatruc (MRN)
  • V0mendeth

At the end of the four games, four of them got their ticket to the second split. They are V0mendethwho finished on top with 27 points and two TOP1s, from Sunsheewho came second with a total of 26 points, from Voltariuxwho completed the podium with 25 points and of Xperionfourth with 23 points.

Results of the Hex League 2023 Split 1 Up and Down.

Split 2 participants

The players in the running for the Hex League 2023 Split 2 have secured their slots in two different ways. Either they were among the best in the first Split and, as a result, kept their slot. Or they shone in the Up And Down tournament as we have just seen. On the other hand, JedusorThe fifth of the Up and Down series will join Split 2, the sequel to from Canbizz. We have highlighted the new players in the list above:

  • Lyyyress (Izidream)
  • Xperion (PCS) - Up And Down
  • Double (Karmine Corp)
  • Un33d (Aegis)
  • PasDeBol (Aegis)
  • Tarteman (MIH)
  • Texita (PCS)
  • Magarky (Aegis)
  • Sunshee (KRC) - Up And Down
  • IAmTLT (Atlantis Wave)
  • Zoro5773
  • V0mendeth - Up And Down
  • Mattresses (MIH)
  • Volatriux (Solary) - Up And Down
  • Jedusor - 5th of the Up And Down
  • L3S Coco

Important dates for Split 2

Like the previous one, this Split has a total of five days of matches. The first matches are scheduled for Monday 3 April. The Split 2 final will be held 24 Aprilin the studio. At the end of this last stage, a new promotion-relegation tournament will determine the participants of the 2024 season. This tournament will take place 9 May .

All Hex League matches are live commentated by Shaunz, and broadcast on Twitch channel. If you wish to follow the matches, please note that they start at around 6pm.