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The Hex League returns to TeamFight Tactics Set 9

The Hex League is none other than the French professional circuit of TeamFight Tactics. This time, the best players in France will battle it out over several weeks on the Set 9in the hope of dethroning PasDeBol, the current Champion. In addition to the former competitors he already knows well, the player from the Aegis structure will have to beat the two newcomers if he wants to retain his title. In this article, you'll find the list of his opponents, as well as the key dates of the season.

Who are the participants?

This new season of the Hex League brings together a total of 16 players. The majority of them are from the previous edition, but some have earned their place thanks to their good performances during the last edition. des Up And Down. Initially, Canbizza Karmine Corp player, was one of the qualifiers, however, in agreement with the League, he has chosen to retire. As a result, Bränkwho finished fifth in the promotional tournament, acquires the vacant slot.

We have highlighted the new players in the list above:

  • L3S Coco
  • Voltariux (Solary)
  • Xperion (Solary)
  • PasDeBol (Aegis)
  • Un33d (Aegis)
  • Magarky (Aegis)
  • Lyyyress (IZI Dream)
  • V0mendeth
  • Texita
  • IAmTLT
  • Jedusor (KRC)
  • Vejeetah - Up And Down #1
  • Sunshee (KRC) - Up And Down #2
  • Tarteman (MIH)- Up And Down #3
  • Zoro5773 - Up And Down #4
  • Bränk (IZI Dream) - Up And Down #5

Important dates in Hex League Set 9

As usual, the season comprises five match days divided into three periods. The first two days take place 3 and 4 Julythe third 11 July and the last two 17 and 18 July. The Final of the tournament will take place in person, 24 July .

Hex League Set 9 schedule

At the same time, lower-level players will be able to take part in the various stages of the the Open Tour France. The best of them will try to join the Hex League next season through the promo-relegation tournament, scheduled for October. 22 August.

Hex League Set 9 matches will be covered live by Shaunz, Némaïdès, Shinopavels and Dokhy, and broadcast on Shaunz's Twitch channel. If you wish to follow the matches, please note that they start at around 6pm.