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Jedusor wins the Hex League Grand Final - Set 9

The Hex League played its Set 9 grand final last night between the 8 best players of the regular season. After 6 extremely close games, it was Jedusor of the KiraCorp who won and became French champions of Teamfight Tactics.

Jedusor's victory came down to a single point in the final scoreboard! After the first game, he was in 5th place, but he gradually climbed the rankings with each game. Unlike Lyyyress, LES COCO, IamTLT and Tarteman, however, he started the game in fifth place. without bonus points.

At the end of round 5, it's LES Coco who led the way, with 32 points, while Jedusor had 29. The match was inevitably between these two players. But in the sixth and final game, L3S Coco was eliminated very early on with a top 7. Everything would therefore be determined by Jedusor's final performance. With a top 3, he just managed to get the few points he needed to overtake his opponent and win the competition.

It's easy to imagine the disappointment of L3S Coco, who had been at the top of the rankings throughout the final, right from the first game. All it took was one mistake at the very last moment to cost him victory.

Jedusor's compositions

Hex League Final scoreboard - Set 9

Jedusor wins the Hex League Grand Final - Set 9 - mandatory hex league 9 tft finale scores -