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Double61 dominates Day 1 of the Hex League (Week 1, Day 1)

Yesterday afternoon, Shaunz kicked off the Hex LeagueTeamfight Tactics' new French professional league. This competition replaces the French Masters. The 16 best French-speaking players, whether they come from the biggest esports structures or are still without a team, will compete in 2 splits. At the end of an intense first day, it is Double61Karmine Corp, a player who takes the lead in the ranking.


At the end of the first day of competition, here is the general ranking. A special welcome to the TOP 3 and in particular to Karmine Corpwho achieved a double:

  • 1st. Double61 (Karmine Corp)
  • 2nd. ZORO5773 (no structure)
  • 3rd. Canbizz (Karmine Corp)
Overall standings - Day 1 - Hex League

Double61 sets the tone!

The big winner of this first day is by far Double61. The Karmine Corp player was simply on the podium during the four games of this first day, including two Top 1's. He actually won the first two games of the Hex League by a large margin. A not so surprising performance since Double61 is fluctuating between rank 1 and rank 2 in the French TFT ladder.

The Double61 Compositions

Double61 won its games by favouring one of the most powerful champions in the meta: Xayah. In his first game, he relied on attack speed items so that, combined with the various bonuses of the GuildIn game 1, she could become a real killing machine. In game 2, she was equipped with a Pistolame and surrounded by Bruisers which offered her an outstanding survivability, even when she was alone against four. He did not manage to find this composition in game 3, preferring then to leave on Jade Shapeshifter which still ensured him third place. He finished the fourth and final game in second place, thanks to a composition Mage Whispers.

The best actions of the day

The competition got off to a flying start, and the players are definitely not here for laughs! While all the players showed their talent, some particularly stood out, such as Xperion and Canbizz.

It is up to the original PCS player, XperionThe most impressive composition is to be found here. He managed to reach the 9 Shimmerscale while giving this status to Soraka. Soraka inflicted 9000 times the player's golds every 4 seconds to the opponents. A formidable combo, almost impossible to get out, but above all impossible to stop, which allowed him to win the game with 100 VP.

As of Canbizz was particularly daring, but amazing, as he sold almost his entire set of cards at level 8. He then made rolls like never before to rebuild his board and finally win the game with a build Xayah Guild out of nowhere.

If you too would like to see future amazing action live, all matches are broadcast on Shaunz's Twitch channel.