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Hex League 2023 Standings and Results

The French professional circuit of TeamFight Tactics returns this year. Again, the Hex League brings together sixteen talented players, who will try to establish themselves as the best in France. During each split, they acquire points depending on their performance. In this article, we offer you a daily and general follow-up of the points obtained by each one, as well as the global ranking of the two Splits.

Split 2 Standings and Results

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Split 1 Standings and Results

General ranking

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PlayerPoints (D1)Points (D2)Points (D3)Points (J4)Points (J5)TotalPosition
L3S Coco211928158919th

Daily rankings - Day 1

The first day of the Hex League was particularly intense. With two TOP1s to his credit and a total of 26 points, Texita has taken the lead in the daily and overall rankings. He is closely followed by Double61who accumulated 23 points. IAmTLTIn the end, the winner of the competition was the winner of the second round of the competition.

Hex League - Daily Ranking - Day 1 - Split 1

Daily rankings - Day 2

Split 1 continues. In the second evening of competition, it is Zoro5773 who stood out. Very efficient during the four rounds, he never left the TOP3 and even won twice. His 28 points opened the doors to the top of the daily ranking, but also to the general ranking. PasDeBol and Canbizz obtained a total of 22 points, taking second and third place in the daily ranking.

Hex League - Daily Ranking - Day 2 - Split 1

Daily rankings - Day 3

The third day of the Split 1 was dominated by L3S Coco. With two TOP1s and two TOP3s, he obtained 28 points, which propelled him to the top of the daily and general ranking. PasDeBol once again took a very good second place and thus remained at the top of the general ranking. After a ninth place and then a seventh place, Tarteman is also on the podium.

Hex League - Daily Ranking - Day 3 - Split 1

Daily rankings - Day 4

After dominating the first day, Texita shone again on day 4. This time he won not two games, but three. A real feat at this level of the competition. However, due to a TOP6 in the second round, he did not win the overall ranking either. Tarteman and De Volta Mattress also did well, and thus came in second place.

Ranking Day 4 - Hex League

Daily Ranking - Day 5

On the fifth and final day of the Split 1, several top players underperformed, leaving room for other top players on the podium. Lyyyresswho performed very well during the evening, easily took the lead. Volta mattress is still on the podium, with the same number of points as the day before, tied with Gheed.

Results of Day 5 - Hex League 2023 - Split 1