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Hex League Set 9.5: Lyyyress wins Day 2

On the second day of the Hex League Set 9.5, Lyyyress has once again demonstrated its expertise in TeamFight Tactics. The IziDream player won twice on the night, enough to ensure his place in the final. first place in the daily rankings and a rise in the general ranking. Here's a quick recap of day 2.


Not surprisingly, the players put on a great show on the second day of the Hex League set 9.5. Lyyyress and Tomjedusor hit the nail on the headwith two wins apiece. With 26 and 25 points, they finished on the first and second step of the podium respectively. Tarteman also fought brilliantly to take third place.

  • 1st. Lyyyress
  • 2nd. Tomjedusor
  • 3rd. Tarteman
Hex League Set 9.5 second round standings

Who made TOP1?

As a reminder, the players are divided into in two separate lobbies. So there are two winners in each game.

  • Winners - Game 1 Lyyyress and Crococostaud
  • Winners - Game 2 : Tomjedusor and Opale
  • Winners - Game 3 : Lyyyress and Brank
  • Winners - Game 4 : Tomjedusor and Vejeetah

Lyyyress impresses

Lyyyress is undoubtedly one of France's best players. he won the first segment earlier this year. However, the first day of competition was not easy for the latter, who had to settle for 14th place due to mixed results. Nonetheless, IziDream representative back in force on day 2winning not one but two of the four games played.

Lyyyress' winning compositions

Lyyyress took a big lead on the life points counter in the first game, but in the end it was Lyyyress who came out on top. in extremis. By round 5-7, only three players remained, Tarteman, IAmTLT and Lyyyress himself. At this stage, he still had 40PV, twice as much as his opponents. But they held their ground - Tarteman's Void Sorcerer composition was taking its toll.

It wasn't until the 6-6 round that IAmTLT fell. When the final duel began, Tarteman finally had more HP than Lyyyress... but only in a matter of seconds, its Rebel/Shepherd composition gets the better of opposing units. It was her first win of the evening!

Lyyyress had to fight all the way to the end to claim his first TOP1 of the evening. On the other hand, he had no trouble winning the third game. He simply dominated this game and finished with no less than 50 VP. Once again, he defeated Tarteman. He owes this second victory to a Challenger/Darkin/Demacia mix.

To follow the matches live and not miss any of the best action, find all the games on Shaunz's Twitch channel. The next matches are scheduled for today, starting at 6pm.