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Hex League Set 9.5: another Voltariux victory

After its underperformance on the third day, Voltariux another victory in the the Hex League Set 9.5. The places on the podium were nevertheless particularly close. Texita and Tarteman, second and third, showed exemplary consistency.


As we have pointed out in the past, Hex League days are a regular feature of the season. the scene of intense and close confrontations. This was even truer on the third day of the competition. The final scores speak for themselves. Voltariuxvictorious, and Texitawere both awarded 24 points, while Tarteman takes third place, just one point behind.

  • 1st. Voltariux
  • 2nd. Texita
  • 3rd. Tarteman
Hex League Set 9.5 Round 4 standings

Who made TOP1?

As a reminder, the players are divided into in two separate lobbies. So there are two winners in each game.

  • Winners - Game 1 : Voltariux and Tomjedusor
  • Winners - Game 2 : Tarteman and Opale
  • Winners - Game 3 : IamTLT and PasDeBol
  • Winners - Game 4 : Voltariux and IamTLT

Voltariux back in force

In the first two rounds of this Hex League season, Voltariux have maintained their position at the top of the table, and even won Day 1. Although it had been effective up to that point, it was not as successful on the third evening, with two TOP8s in four matches, finishing in last place. Voltariux did not give up though. His sometimes risky choices enabled him to win two games in style on this new day. Thanks to his performances, he has once again come out on top.

Voltariux's winning compositions

Voltariux picked up his first win by a long way. The Solary player quickly found himself in a lose streak, so much so that at the end of the set he was 3-7 up, he had 10 successive defeats on his record. He struggled to find the units he needed to build his team, and the situation became complicated. Fortunately for him, in 4-1, he defeats Opale and cash.

Just as the situation seemed to be clearing up, he suffers another defeat in the next fight and falls below the 5PV mark. Despite this, nothing is lost yet: each victory restores health points. At 6-1, he is still alive and now has 22 VPs. He continues to win and thanks to his compo Targon/Cannonier/Pitover He finally defeated Texita and came out on top.

During the fourth part of the evening, Voltariux simply dominated its lobby. At 6-1, he has no fewer than 40 hit points left, while the other survivors have no more than 22.

This time, he took advantage of a Combattant/Darkin/Néant composition and a monstrous Cho'Gath to crush his opponents. The Solary representative managed to defeat the last two survivors with ease, earning a second TOP1.

To follow the matches live and not miss any of the best action, find all the games on Shaunz's Twitch channel. The last day of matches will take place on Tuesday 3 October.