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Hex League 2023 - Voltariux dominates (Day 2, Split 2)

Voltariux is one of the players who have been present since the Hex League was set up. He is an excellent player who proved himself last year, by winning the first Split. Thanks to some very good performances on the second day of the Split 2, the Solary player won and took pole position in the general ranking. This new day of matches was good for its structure. Xperionwho also works for Solary, took second place in the daily ranking.


Seventh at the end of the first day, Voltariux had much better results at the end of day 2. And that's an understatement, as he simply took first place with a total of 24 points. He was the only player to really stand out. The next five players have all accumulated 20 points. However, not all of them achieved TOP1s, nor the same places. In view of the overall performance in the four games, the following were Xperion and IAmTLT who took the other steps of the podium.

  • 1st. Voltariux (Solary)
  • 2nd. Xperion (Solary)
  • 3rd. IAmTLT
Daily rankings of Day 2 of the Split 2 of the Hex League 2023.

Who made TOP1?

As a reminder, the players are divided into in two separate lobbies. So there are two winners in each game.

  • Winners - Game 1 : Canbizz and V0mendeth
  • Winners - Game 2 : L3S Coco and Magarky
  • Winners - Game 3 : Xperion and Sunshee
  • Winners - Game 4 : Voltariux and IAmTLT

Good overall performance

As we have just seen, Voltariux only won one of the four games played. Despite this, he was effective throughout the evening. He finished fourth of the game 1, lost to Magarky in the game and then got a TOP 2and then finishes fifth of the game 3.

Voltariux's winning line-up

Voltariux's winning line-up - Split 2 - Day 2 - Hex League

It was in the fourth and final game that Voltariux emerged victorious. The Solary player brought his last two opponents to their knees with a mixed Spellstingzer Forecaster Ox Forceincluding Leblanc, Twisted Fade, Janna, Annie, Alistar, Neeko, Sona and Renekton.

To follow the matches live and not miss any of the best action, find all the games on Shaunz's Twitch channel. The next meetings are scheduled for Tuesday 11 April, starting at 6pm.