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Hex League 2023 - V0mendeth excels (Day 4, Set 8.5)

For this segment of the Hex League 2023The players will compete in the 8.5 set. During the fourth day of competition, V0mendeth showed everyone his mastery of the famous set. Thanks to his regularity, and without even winning any games, he climbed to the first place of the daily ranking. With a total of 86 pointsThe team is still in fourth place overall. This should give them a chance to reach the playoffs, which is what they want. which he expressed in an interview.


The end of the Split is approaching, and the fourth day of competition was an opportunity to pick up some extra points. V0mendethThe player from Orks Grand Poitiers made his mark on the evening because of his regularity. In four games, he never fell off the podium, thus obtaining three TOP2 and a third place. With 27 pointsHe dominated day 4. However, it was not, PasDeBol was not far away either. He was also very good and accumulated 26 points to take the second step of the daily podium. Voltariuxtakes third place with 24 points on the meter.

  • 1st. V0mendeth (Orks Grand Poitiers)
  • 2nd. PasDeBol (Aegis)
  • 3rd. Voltariux (Solary)
Daily rankings of Day 4 of the Split set 8.5 of the Hex League 2023.

Who made TOP1?

As a reminder, the players are divided into in two separate lobbies. So there are two winners in each game.

  • Winners - Game 1 : Lyyyress and Tarteman
  • Winners - Game 2 : PasDeBol and Tarteman
  • Winners - Game 3 : Lyyyress and L3S Coco
  • Winners - Game 4 : Voltariux and Zoro5773

V0mendeth, impressive consistency!

At this stage of the competition, it is better to be extremely regular and to be on the podium in each round than to get a victory and not be sure of the other games. This is exactly what the representative of the Orks Grand Poitiers association did, by winning three TOP 2 and one TOP 3. V0mendeth was not one of the winners of the evening, but he did win after four matches.

We will not deal with the compositions winners of V0mendeth, as we usually do, but we'll look at the three best compositions that have kept him so high in the rankings. They might give you some inspiration for your next games.

Compositions of V0mendeth

Composition of V0mendeth at Game 1 - Set 8.5 - Day 4 Hex League 2023

In the first part, V0mendeth reached second place with a mixed composition based on of Threat, Laser Corps and A.D.M.I.N essentially. The team included Mordekaiser, Urgot, Yasuo and LeBlanc.

Composition of V0mendeth in Part 2 - Set 8.5 - Day 4 Hex League 2023

In the second part, his team Ox Force Star Guardian Spellslinger which enabled him to reach the TOP2. He benefited from the skills of Syndra, Janna, Viego, Annie and Twisted Fade, among others.

Composition of V0mendeth in Part 3 - Set 8.5 - Day 4 Hex League 2023

His third and final TOP2 of the evening, V0mendeth got it with another mixed composition. This time he went for of the A.D.M.I.N, Hacker and Defender Championswith LeBlanc, Camille, Pyke and Garen among others.

To follow the matches live and not miss any of the best action, find all the games on Shaunz's Twitch channel. The next meetings are scheduled for Tuesday 18 April, starting at 6pm.