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Hex League 2023 - An eventful last day (Day 5, Split 1)

This Jou 5 of the Hex League was the last of the regular season. The final standings are now known and are being played out in a tightly contested field. It must be said that the last day was the scene of many twists and turns as the leading players almost all had to perform badly on the last day.


As a reminder, the players are divided into two separate lobbies. There are therefore two winners in each game.

Results of Day 5 - Hex League 2023 - Split 1
Results of Day 5 - Hex League 2023 - Split 1

Who made TOP1?

This fifth day was the day of the challengeers. The top three players after the four rounds were three players who did not qualify for the rest of the tournament at all. Lyyyress and Volta mattress are back in the top 8 in the general ranking. Lyyyress In particular, he had two Top 1s and two Top 2s, giving him 30 points, a third of his total points earned throughout the season. Volta mattress continued the momentum of the previous day.

The most unexpected performance was by Gheed. Already condemned to the bottom of the table, he nevertheless made his last stand with two Top 1s and a Top 3.

  • 1st. Lyyyress (IZI)
  • 2nd. Gheed (EXA)
  • 3rd. Volta mattress

The action of the day

Not exactly one particular action on day 5, but one particular situation. In the third game, Canbizz was close to a perfect. He was still at 100PV when he faced IamTLT, his last opponent who had only 2PV left. However, it only took a caster to give Canbizz a win to see him lose his first game.

Final ranking of the Regular Season

In the end, this last day shook up the ranking. The first places were literally played out to within a point. Texita retains its first place by a whisker with 104 points, followed by Double61 with 103 points, followed by Magarky with 102 points. The next highest score was Zoro5773 with 101 points, and our two daily champions, Lyyyress with 100 points and Volta mattress with 99 points.

Final regular season standings of the Hex League 2023
Final regular season standings of the Hex League 2023

To follow the matches live and not miss any of the best action, find all the games on Shaunz's Twitch channel. The finals will start on 13 February 2023.