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Hex League 2023 - Texita relentless (Day 4, Split 1)

On day 4 of the Hex League was overwhelmingly won by Texita. With 3 wins out of 4 games, he secured his place among the finalists of this Split 1.


It was a great week for Texita who won 3 of the 4 games of the day. While such a score would have allowed him to soar in the rankings, his top 6 in the second set kept him within reach of his opponents. Tarteman and Volta mattress finished a close second, showing consistency rather than a string of blazing victories.

  • 1st. Texita (Project Conquerors)
  • 2nd. Tarteman (Make it Happen)
  • 3rd. Volta mattress
Ranking Day 4 - Hex League
Ranking Day 4 - Hex League

Who made TOP1?

As a reminder, the players are divided into two separate lobbies. There are therefore two winners in each game. Texita won his first top 1 in the first round, accompanied by Iamtlt In the second round, it is Canbizzthe KCorp player, and Lyyyress of Izi who won. Texita won the third round, as did Canbizz. Finally, Texita won his third game of the day in round 4, accompanied by Tarteman.

Texita's domination

His three victories allow Texita to regain the lead in the general classification. He even has a 5-point lead over Zoro5773. With only one day left until the end of the first stage of Split 1, he is guaranteed to be one of the 8 players who will participate in the final stages.

The winning compositions

Texita used radically different compositions to win all three games. One of them was even won by mixing champions who had little to do with each other. It all came down to a Wave at the last moment in an extremely close final.

To follow the matches live and not miss any of the best action, find all the games on Shaunz's Twitch channel. The next meetings are scheduled for Monday 6 February, starting at 6pm.