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Hex League 2023 - L3S Coco crushes its opponents (Day 3, Set 8.5)

The Hex League 2023 is in full swing, and to say the least, some players are starting to stand out. From the first day of the game, L3S Coco set the tone winning two of the four games played. He had only one TOP1 on the following day, but he was back in the spotlight on Day 3. This time he did not have one, not two, but three wins on the scoreboard. A real achievement at this level of competition!


The Champion of Day 3 is without doubt L3S Coco. Regular and very efficient, he once again takes the lead in the daily ranking with a total of 29 points. Second place on the podium went to LyyyressHe was also excellent during the evening. The Izidream player won twice in four games. He thus obtained 28 points. PasDeBolAs for the latter, it accumulates 24 points and completes the podium on day 3.

  • 1st. L3S Coco
  • 2nd. Lyyyress (Izidream)
  • 3rd. PasDeBol (Aegis)
Daily rankings of Day 3 of the Split 2 of the Hex League 2023.

Who made TOP1?

As a reminder, the players are divided into in two separate lobbies. So there are two winners in each game.

  • Winners - Game 1 : PasDeBol and Voltariux
  • Winners - Game 2 : L3S Coco and Lyyyress
  • Winners - Game 3 : L3S Coco and V0mendeth
  • Winners - Game 4 : L3S Coco and Lyyyress

L3S Coco, always stronger!

On this new competition day, L3S Coco was successful, having obtained three TOP1s and a fourth place. In this section, we offer you a look at the different winning compositions, which will give you some ideas to dominate your next TFT game.

L3S Coco's winning compositions

The first winning line-up of L3S Coco - Split 2 - Day 3 - Hex League 2023

L3S Coco owes its first victory, against Jedusorto a mixed composition based on Star Guardian, Quickdraw and Aegis in particular. His team was centred on Miss Fortune and Kaisa, but he also benefited from the skills of other champions such as Syndra, Rell, Viego and Alistar.

The second winning composition of L3S Coco - Split 2 - Day 3 - Hex League 2023

For their second win of the evening, L3S Coco defeated Volta mattress. In addition to winning another game, the player managed to finish the game with 57 life points! This time, he relied on its composition Supers HeartWith, among others, Leen Sin, Pantheon, Sona or a monstrous Lulu.

The third winning composition of L3S Coco - Split 2 - Day 3 - Hex League 2023

The evening ended on a high note for L3S Coco, who managed to defeat Un33d to pick up a third and final victory. He defeated his opponent with his Quickdraw Renegade Anima SquadThis was achieved by taking advantage of the skills of Kaisa, Camille, Sylas and Lucian.

To follow the matches live and not miss any of the best action, find all the games on Shaunz's Twitch channel. The next meetings are scheduled for Monday 17 April, starting at 6pm.