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Hex League 2023 - Canbizz on top (Day 5, Set 8.5)

Absent from the podiums since the beginning of the the Hex League on the Set 8.5, Canbizz ends the regular season on a high note. During the fifth and final day of matches, the Karmine Corp player won twice, great performances that allowed him to top the daily ranking. Canbizz finished with 85 points on the counterThe team finished ninth in the overall standings. They missed out on qualification for the playoffs by a small margin, but L3S Coco could not make it to the finals, the Blue Wall representative gets the vacant slot.


Efficient, Canbizz takes the top step of the podium with a total of 26 points. However, the top of the ranking almost passed him by, as he was closely followed by V0mendeth and Texita. The player from orKs Grand Poitiers and the one from PCS both finished the day with 25 points.

  • 1st. Canbizz (Karmine Corp)
  • 2nd. V0mendeth (orKs Grand Poitiers)
  • 3rd. Texita (PCS)
Daily rankings for Day 5 of the Hex League 2023 Split Set 8.5

Who made TOP1?

As a reminder, the players are divided into two distinct lobbies. So there are two winners in each game.

  • Winners - Game 1 : V0mendeth and Texita
  • Winners - Game 2 : Jedusor and Un33d
  • Winners - Game 3 : Canbizz and Magarky
  • Winners - Game 4 : Canbizz and Magarky

A good evening for Canbizz

The last night of competition was a good one for the Karmine Corp player, who started the final day of competition with a good TOP3, but had to settle for fifth place in the next game. In order to secure his place in the league for next season, Canbizz redoubled his efforts in the other two games of the day, picking up a first and second win.

Canbizz's winning compositions

Composition of Canbizz in Part 3 - Set 8.5 - Day 5 Hex League 2023

With only 7 life points left, victory was not easy to achieve. The three competitors, Canbizz, Voltariux and V0mendeth, fought hard. In the final duel, Canbizz had a good mixed team of Threat Forecaster HeartThe focus was on Samira and Janna. On the stage, Syndra, Fiddlesticks and Urgot were not to be missed. After an epic battle, it is he who wins to obtain his first TOP of the evening.

Composition of Canbizz in Part 4 - Set 8.5 - Day 5 Hex League 2023

In the next game, Canbizz faced Voltariux again in the final. This time it was Voltariux, his composition Gadgeteen Forecaster had no difficulty in overcoming the opposing Champions. Janna and Gnar made a real mess of things.

What next?

The last day of the Split was particularly crucialThis was the first time that the Hex League had a playoff spot, as it determined which of the 16 Hex League participants would earn a playoff spot and who would have to prove themselves in the promo-relegation tournament in order to advance to the 2024 season.

Only the top eight players in the segment participate to the final stages. PasDeBol, V0mendeth, Voltariux, Xperion, Texita, Lyyyress and Jedusor will compete for the title of French Champion. To these seven talents, L3S Coco will be added initially. However, he won't be able to be present for the rest of the tournament, so Canbizz, ninth in the ranking, has taken his place.

Final Hex League 2023 Set 8.5

Tarteman, Zoro5773, Matelas de Volta and Sunshee will soon be participating in the at the Up&Down tournamentscheduled for Tuesday 9 May. This competition is a real springboard for the rising stars of the French community. The top four players from the French Open Tour, TFT's amateur circuit, will be in attendance. All of them will have the opportunity to prove their worth in order to acquire, or keep, a place in the 2024 Hex League season.

To follow the matches live and not miss any of the best action, find all the games on Shaunz's Twitch channel. The playoffs will take place Monday 24 Aprilfrom 6pm.