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Double61 and L3S Coco will represent France at the TFT Championship - L'ère des Dragons

TFT's best players will soon be competing in of the TFT Championship - The era of the Dragons. All of them will be looking to take home the €150,000 in prize money that will be awarded to the overall winner. Among the 32 qualifiers, Double61player Karmine Corp, and L3S CocoThe only French representatives will be the Solary player. This competition will be held online 18-20 November.

The TFT World Championship was announced earlier this year by Riot Games. This is the second edition. The first one, titled Gadget Madness, was dominated by Chinese players LiLuo and LiuLi. The French competitors finished 16th, 18th, 19th and 22nd in the final ranking.

For this tournament, L'ère des Dragons, only two French players, Double61 and L3S CocoThey both won their entry via the final stages of the tournament. They both won their entry via the final stages of the tournament Rising Legends: Dragonlands. After coming second and third in the group stage, they reached the 3rd and 4th positions in the playoffs.

Slots distribution

If they want to win the title of World's Best Player, the two Frenchmen will first have to face other very good players. In total, they are 32 selectedfrom all over the world who will participate in the competition.

The eight major regions on TeamFight Tactics were given a specific number of slots. Each was distributed to the best performing players in various tournaments. All information is available on Riot Games website.

  • 5 slots for the EMEA region
  • 5 slots for China
  • 4 slots for North America
  • 4 slots for Korea
  • 3 slots for Brazil
  • 3 slots for Latin America
  • 2 slots for Japan
  • 2 slots for Oceania

Two other places are allocated via the Eastern and Western last chance tournaments.

Slot allocation - TFT Championship - L'ère des Dragons

Competition format

The championship will take place over three days, on 18, 19 and 20 November. The matches will be played with the 7.5 set and the 12.21 patch.

On the first day, players will be divided into four groups of 8. They will earn points according to their performance in each round (8 points for TOP1, and 1 point for 8th place). In total, there will be 5 rounds to be contested. In addition, the groups will be mixed after two rounds.

The following day, the format will remain the same. The 32 participants will advance to this second stage, and keep their points from the previous day. Their goal is to score even more points. At the end of the day, only the top 8 will advance to the final round.

The Grand Final will be the scene of a fierce battle. With the Checkmate formatplayers will first have to score 18 pointsand then do a TOP1to achieve the title of TFT Champion.

To follow the matches, you can go to TFT's Twitch channel. If you are interested, a first preview of the set 8 will be revealed on November 20th, shortly before the final fight of this tournament.