All the Powers of Starfield Artefacts

The main quest of Starfield requires you to find all the related artefacts and temples. For each artefact, you'll receive a different superhuman power to spice up your exploration of the universe and your battles. These powers are not unlike those in Skyrim, and we recommend that you get them back as quickly as possible (at least the most useful ones) so that you have all the different game options at your disposal.

Here is the list of all the different powers to unlock:

All the powers of artefacts

Elementary magnet

Temple : Psi
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Explodes the mineral resources around you and draws them to you.

Private atmosphere

Temple : Alpha
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Fresh, pure oxygen arrives in force to allow you to breathe deeply and counteract the carbon dioxide.

Reactive shield

Temple : Tau
Energy cost : 25

Effect: You are encased in a metastable shell of antimatter that deflects projectiles and increases your resistance to attacks.

Anti-gravity field

Temple : Eta
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Generate a localised field of weak, intense gravity, and admire the true power of a planet.

Demon within

Temple : Upsilon
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Forces an enemy to confront his inner demons, creating a mirror image that attacks him.

Space without sun

Temple : Kappa
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Sends a ball of space-cold ice into an area and momentarily freezes any living creature caught within its radius.

Form of Nothing

Temple : Omicron
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Attracts all the light around you and makes you virtually invisible for a moment.

Lunar shape

Temple : Rho
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Become as solid as a rock, anchor yourself to the ground and greatly increase your resistance to all types of damage.

Solar laser

Temple : Theta
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Emits an intense solar energy discharge capable of setting enemies on fire.

Land link

Temple : Epsilon
Energy cost : 25

Effect: You momentarily feel the Earth's gravity.

Eternal harvest

Temple : Lambda
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Regrowth of flora picked in a vast area around you.

Gravity wave

Temple : Beta
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Sends a gravitational wave in front of you that stuns and knocks down enemies.

Creators' peace

Temple : Nude
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Pacifies all the enemies in an area and temporarily disarms them.


Temple : Iota
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Inspect the multiverse and visualise the characters' future actions, conversations and more.

Gravity Well

Temple : Delta
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Creates a dense zone of gravity capable of attracting and shattering everything around it.

Particle beam

Temple : Omega
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Sends out a beam of pure energy particles that inflict massive damage on enemies facing you.

Alien reanimation

Temple : Phi
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Momentarily revives a dead alien to fight alongside you.

Stellar feeling

Temple : Chi
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Link up with the particles of creation and feel the vital energy of any human, alien or Astrian.

Gravitational rush

Temple : Zeta
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Manipulate gravity to propel yourself forward and briefly increase the damage you inflict.

Parallel self

Temple : Sigma
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Momentarily summons another version of you from a parallel dimension.


Temple : XI
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Inflicts massive damage to the area around you by exploding with the power of a supernova.

Out-of-phase time

Temple : Last temple
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Infiltrates the normal flow of time and momentarily slows down the universe.

Forced living

Temple : Pi
Energy cost : 25

Effect: Empty the life force of a living being and transfer it to yourself.

Vacuum zone

Temple : Gamma
Energy cost : 25

Effect: You momentarily deprive targets in the area of oxygen.