Starfield's best must-have mods

Starfield is a very good one, but as always with Bethesda, it's a little rough around the edges. Once again, it's up to the community to get involved by suggesting a series of mods that improve the game, or simply modify it to suit your tastes. That's why we've compiled a list of the best must-have Starfield mods.

We've grouped these mods into categories:

  • Interface and menu mods
  • Technical and graphical mods
  • Game balancing mods
  • Game comfort mods

Before starting the list, it's worth remembering that these mods have been developed by amateurs, each on their own. It's not impossible that some of these mods aren't compatible with each other, or that a game update won't prevent them from working properly. As always, before you mod, keep a copy of your backup file!

First and foremost!

Before installing any other mod, we recommend that you install this one.

Activating Successes despite Mods

Achievement enabler for brunph

As soon as you use mods, a security is activated in the game code to prevent you from unlocking the game's achievements, whether on Steam or Xbox. This mod simply bypasses this security and lets you use mods without preventing you from getting the achievements.

Please note that this mod is not retroactive. If you have completed an action that unlocks an achievement while you had mods, but not Achievement enabler, you will have to load a game or restart a game and fulfil the achievement conditions again to obtain it.

Mods to improve Starfield's Interface and Menus

The following mods are designed to make Starfield's interface easier to digest and read. They greatly improve inventory management, both visually and functionally. We strongly recommend that you use them all to make the game more enjoyable.

Life bar colour

Enhanced Player Health Bar by SilverEzredes

The best must-have Starfield mods - mandatory starfield guide mods pv gauge -

One of Starfield's interface problems is the fact that the player's life bar remains white no matter how many HP you have left, making it too easy to blend in with the rest of the game. It's easy to miss the fact that you're running low on HP and about to die.

Thanks to Enhanced Player Health Bar, your HP bar is coloured and the colour changes according to your health. So you won't die by surprise because you didn't realise you were at death's door.

Changing the inventory interface

StarUI by m8r98a4f2

The best essential Starfield mods - mandatory starfield guide mods better ui -

The biggest flaw in Starfield (and in all Bethesda games) is its interface, especially the menus and inventory. The StarUI mod solves many of these problems. Not only does it remove many unnecessary animations, but it also allows you to display more objects and more information simultaneously. There are even indicators to let you know which types of item are taking up the most space.

And as an added bonus, you can now navigate the inventory using your keyboard.

Icons for objects

Icon Sorting Tags by McGuffin

The best must-have Starfield mods - mandatory starfield guide mods icons tag items -

One of the biggest problems with Starfield's interface is the lack of legibility of the menus. Unless you know all the items in the game, for example, it's impossible to tell what type an item is unless you move your cursor over it. That's where this mod comes in, as it adds an icon next to the name of every item, to show which category it belongs to. Scuba, weapon, food, everyday item, etc. All of which will save you a lot of time in the menus.

Technical and graphical enhancement mods

It's no secret that Starfield isn't the most technically mind-blowing game out there, especially if you're not using AMD hardware. The following mods are here to bring some significant improvements to make the game much more powerful and pretty at the same time.

Nvidia and DLSS compatible

Starfield Upscaler from PureDark

Starfield is a game designed primarily for machines using AMD hardware. As a result, owners of Nvidia graphics cards may experience performance problems and the DLSS is inaccessible... unless you install this mod. Quite simply, if you have an Nvidia or Intel graphics card, this mod is essential and should greatly improve your gaming experience and the performance of your machine. As well as letting you take advantage of DLSS.

Better visual effects

EXE - Effect Textures Enhanced by Weijiesen

The best essential Starfield mods - mandatory starfield guide mods exe effects -

Starfield's visual effects are... dated, to say the least. Some of them even look like they come from a game from the early 2000s. Fortunately, Weijesen has done a titanic job of manually redrawing all the game's visual effects to remedy this. Shots, impacts, electric arcs, fires, bloodstains and much more are all sublimated.

More realistic water

Realistic Water by CaptainCockerel and TechAngel85

The best must-have Starfield mods - mandatory starfield guide mods eau realiste -

Among the mods that visually enhance the game is one that makes the water less flat and static. Thanks to Realistic Water, water movements and reflections will be much more natural and realistic.

Best torch

Real Flashlight by DoubleYou

The best must-have Starfield mods - mandatory starfield guide mods torch -

Starfield's torch is rather strange. It only illuminates a small central halo and has a sort of strip of light on top. The Real Flashlight mod gives your torch a bit of a boost, so it can light up a wider area evenly.

Mods to Facilitate or Balance Starfield

You don't necessarily play Starfield to get bogged down in combat or suffer the frustration of unsolvable dialogue. The following mods will allow you to modify the game's difficulty and overall feel so that you can have the experience you want.

Killing enemies more easily

Less Spongy Enemies by ZZyxzz

If RPG shooters aren't your cup of tea, and you're tired of enemies with 4 magazines to spare, this mod is for you. It drastically reduces the maximum HP of your opponents, to give a slightly more 'realistic' feel to confrontations, or at least a more Call of Duty-style action feel.

You can choose how much you want to reduce enemy HP, so you can adjust the experience to what suits you best. This mod doesn't change the player's HP at all, which gives you a distinct advantage. Of course, this changes the whole balance of the game in terms of combat, but the confrontations aren't really at the heart of the experience and the most important thing is to have fun.

Facilitating persuasion

Easy Speech by Ixion XVII

The persuasion system can be a little confusing, and even if you increase your skills to the maximum and choose all the right dialogue options, you can still fail to convince other characters. This mod allows you to succeed in all your persuasion dialogues. You'll still need to invest points in the persuasion skill to unlock persuasion dialogues with NPCs.

Mods to improve gaming comfort

The following mods remove those annoying Starfield sequences that you sometimes see hundreds of times during a game. Save time on menus, loading and inventory.

Skip the intro when you launch the game

Skip Launch Video by Aetherpoint

If you don't have time to waste when you launch your Starfield session and every minute counts for you, there's a mod that automatically skips the introduction and logos of the game's developers. While this may seem like a simple gimmick, it's also a real time-saver for players who restart the game several times in a row to try out different options or mods.

Go through the landing and take-off kinematics

Ship Skip de Bub

The take-off and landing animations are stylish, but you get bored of them pretty quickly. Thanks to this mod, you'll be able to remove these animations and go straight from the ground into space. It also removes the ship boarding animations.

Increasing the FOV

Starfield FOV from Hellstorm102

Starfield's field of vision is naturally very narrow. This is probably a choice made by the developers to match the claustrophobic aspect of space and spacesuits, but in terms of comfort, we'd like to be able to use our peripheral vision. That's where Starfield FOV comes in, as it allows you to increase your FOV up to 120 degrees.

Fewer unnecessary objects in the sets

Burden me not de xatmos

The best must-have Starfield mods - mandatory starfield guide mods objects clutter -

One of the things that quickly fills your pockets is the huge amount of useless items lying around the game. Burden me not mode remedies this problem in a number of ways. You can highlight useless items in a different colour, make them impossible to pick up or simply prevent them from appearing in your game.

Scan instantly

Instant Scan by JustAnOrdinaryGuy

It doesn't take very long to scan one element, but when you decide to scan the whole universe, the minutes add up quickly. With this mod, scanning becomes instantaneous, allowing you to fill your encyclopaedia in the blink of an eye as you move from planet to planet.

Shipbuilding made easy

Ship Builder Tolerance Tweaks by keanuWheeze

The best must-have Starfield mods - mandatory starfield guide ship mods -

Starfield's ship editor allows you to do many things, but it does impose certain constraints, particularly when it comes to the spacing and placement of different elements. This mod allows you to reduce these constraints so that you can glue, or in some cases even fit, two pieces of ship together.