Unlock Artefact Powers in Starfield

Starfield is already packed with different game systems, from skills to ships, features and antecedentsBut there's also a less realistic but much more fun feature: the powers of artefacts! By finding artefacts, you'll be able to unlock powers comparable to those in Skyrim or the various hero-shooters. They add a huge amount of dynamism to the game and diversify the options for exploration and combat.

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Alien powers and artefacts

There are no fewer than 24 powers to unlock in Starfield, each of which can be unlocked thanks to the alien artefacts Constellation is looking for. Each artefact is linked to a temple hidden somewhere on one of the game's countless planets. It's virtually impossible to find a hidden temple without first finding the associated artefact.

Before you can start the quests to unlock the powers, you'll need to follow the scenario for a moment. You need to get to the Lodge and do your first missions with Sarah. When you take her back to the Lodge, she'll tell you about a certain Vladimir Sall, on the Isis station. Go and meet him and complete the two missions he gives you (each of which will earn you a new artefact). Once you've completed these missions, Sarah will give you several others, one of which is to return to Vladimir. It's by completing this mission that you can unlock new powers.

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From then on, when you find a new artefact, take it to the New Atlantis Lodge. Then go to Isis Station in the constellation of Alpha Centauri to speak to Vladimir. He will then be able to scan your new artefact and reveal the location of a temple.

Access the Temple of Powers

Once Vladimir has given you a location, get into your ship and head for the planet indicated. You should be able to land near the temple quite easily.

Once on the ground, look around you. If the temple is close by, you should see a large tower with rocks floating all around it. If the temple is not visible because of the gradient, the weather or for any other reason, you'll have to find it with your scanner.

Stand still, take out your scanner and turn around. When you point your scanner in the direction of the temple, its interface starts to slip. The white circle on the scanner will flicker and change colour. Head in this direction until you find the temple. If you're on the right path, you should see pockets of gas coming out of the ground.

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Unlocking power in the temple

Once you're in front of the temple, you'll need to find the entrance. There are in fact two: one on each side of the tower. These entrances are located between two large mus forming a sort of corridor. Once you've found one, go inside.

You find yourself in a large room with zero gravity. In the centre is three steel rings that revolve around themselves. To obtain the power, you'll need to make these rings resonate until they create a kind of energy portal.

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To do this, look around the room around the rings. You should see some kind of gravitational anomaly that spin tiny particles of light. Go to these anomalies and cross them. For each anomaly you cross, the rings will accelerate. You'll have to go through ten or so anomalies before you can receive your new power.

On the other hand, the anomalies stay less and less stable and it is not impossible for them to disappear before you reach them. If they start to disappear too quickly, stand in the centre of the room, above the rings, and wait for an anomaly to appear close enough to you to try and grab it.

Unlocking Artifact Powers in Starfield - mandatory guides starfield powers anomalies -

When the rings enter into resonance, they align and look like an energy portal. Cross the rings and you'll get a strange vision, just like in the game's introduction, before falling asleep. When you wake up, you'll be outside the temple with a new power.

Equipping and using your powers

To find out what your new power is, open your character menu and select the 'Powers' icon above your character. This will bring up a list of your powers. Unfortunately, you can't equip only one power at a time. Fortunately, you can use these powers as shortcuts in the same way as your weapons and objects.

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Using a power consumes a special energy gauge, displayed in blue next to your life bar. The energy cost depends on the power you want to use. Energy rises with time. So don't hesitate to use and abuse your new abilities!