How to use the Jet-pack in Starfield

As you wander through the vastness of the Starfieldyou're going to come up against a lot of obstacles that would require the use of a jet-pack to be crossed. Finding one isn't all that complicated, but you still need to know how to use the jet-pack in Starfield. We'll explain!

What is a jet pack used for?

So be warned, if you're already imagining yourself flying around Starfield like Superman in a jet-pack, you're in for a disappointment. The Starfield jet-pack only offers a few brief upward thrusts and can be likened, in a way, to a double jump. It will allow you to jump a little higher, a little further or break a fall. It's still extremely practical for getting around or avoiding breaking a leg, which is why you should always be equipped with a jet pack.

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How do I get the jet pack?

In theory, you can find your first jet-pack just about anywhere, depending on where you're exploring, what shops you're visiting and what enemies you're looting. But if you follow the main scenario (which we advise you to do at least at the start of the adventure), you should soon be joining Sarah at Constellation headquarters. She'll give you one which you can equip immediately before setting off on your first mission with it.

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How do I use the jet pack?

Equipped with a jet-pack, you feel like you're growing wings and decide to test it out by throwing yourself off a building. Suddenly, you panic, the jet-pack doesn't go off and you fall vertiginously until you break your bones on the ground. And then Sarah arrives and tells you " Hey, next time use the jet-pack - you won't get hurt!" . You cry in front of your screen and scream: " but how am I supposed to do that?!

If this situation has happened to you, dry your tears (and use a treatment kit) because here's the solution! Before you can use a jet pack, you need to obtain your certification. It's as simple as that - you'll find it in your skills tree.

  • Open your character menu (by pressing TAB, if you're playing on a PC).
  • Select "Skills" at the top right of the screen.
  • Go to the "Technician" tab.
  • On the top line, select the second icon: "Jet-Pack Certification".
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All you have to do is put a skill point into it and you're ready to use your jet-pack! All you have to do is press the Jump button again once you're in the air to trigger it.

By completing the jet-pack challenges and adding extra skill points, you can drastically reduce the jet-pack's energy consumption. You'll then be able to make lots of jumps in the air, especially in low-gravity areas. So don't hesitate to upgrade your certification.