How to create a Starfield character

Creating your character is an obligatory and extremely important stage in any good RPG, and Starfield is no exception to this rule. We explain the different options for create the character of your dreams, what the traits and antecedents correspond to.

How do you create your character?

When you start a new game, you won't be able to create your character straight away. You will have to follow the introduction in the mines, under the guidance of Supervisor Lin. This is the first tutorial phase, teaching you how to move around, arm yourself and gather resources. Before long, you'll come across a strange artefact that will give you visions before putting you to sleep.

When you wake up on the surface, on a medical table, you'll be able to create your avatar and choose its characteristics.

Biometric ID

The Biometric ID is there solely to enable you to choosing a face base before customising what interests you. There are around twenty canvases, which you can play as they are or completely transform. This setting has no effect on your gameplay.

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The Body

Your body determines your size and your overall attitude when you move. More than just an aesthetic choice, gabari has direct gameplay implications. It's up to you to balance your character's musculature and weight, bearing in mind that this will affect your maximum HP, oxygen and ability to carry objects.

The way other characters talk to you and the first impression they get of you can depend on your physical characteristics. What's more, your character's build will sometimes offer different dialogue options. A muscular character will find it much easier to get on with the local bodybuilders, for example.

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The Face

You can sculpt your character's face using the multitude of options available. Here, we're just talking about cosmetic choices with no implications for gameplay. It's up to you to create the character of your dreams.

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Background corresponds to your character's past. In a sense, this is where he came from, before he found himself working in the mines.

History will allow you to choose a set of 3 starting skills for your character. Don't worry though, just because you don't start with some of them doesn't mean you'll never get them. All the skills on offer are level 1 skills that are very easy to pick up.

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The most interesting and long-term impact of your background, on the other hand, will be how you are perceived by other characters. Most people won't know anything about you, but some can access your civil and medical records and form a certain opinion of you based on your origins. Some of your dialogue options will also be different depending on where you're from and who you're talking to.

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Personality traits

As well as choosing a look, build and background, you'll be able to select 3 personality traits to personalise your hero.

Each personality trait offers at least one bonus and at least one penalty to your character. These traits will be extremely important in shaping your gameplay at the start of the adventure. Their impact gradually fades over time as you unlock skills that compensate for these disadvantages.

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Choose your traits carefully according to your playing style and background to create a coherent whole. If you want to play with the antecedent Way of the RoninAs a player who excels at duels and stealth, you'll probably prefer to play alone, without companions. This means that it's better to take the Introversion trait to boost your abilities, whereas Extraversion will handicap you.

Your different traits can also give you different dialogues with certain characters in the game.

That said, you should be aware that if none of the features suits you and the malus seems too high, you will have to choose between them, you are free to take just one or two, or none at all.

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If you're not happy with your character in the end, you can change his or her physical characteristics later in the hospital, for a fee.