Snow Day mode in Rocket League

For several years now, Rocket League has been offering incredible football matches with cars. To make it even more fun, Psyonix has added extra modes, the "extra" modes. One of the variations, Snow Day mode, invites players to compete in intense hockey matches! Find out everything you need to know about this mode in our guide.

What is the Snow Day mode?

In Snow Day mode, you play on the same fields as in Standard mode. It is a classic match: 2 teams, 2 goals and you score goals. The difference lies in two points: the ground is snow-covered and the ball is not a ball; it is replaced by a hockey puck.

In Snow Day mode, you play with a puck, not a ball!

This puck does not react at all in the same way as the ball. It slides on the ground since there is almost no friction, and can therefore pick up speed easily and very quickly. In addition, because of its shape, it is naturally looking for ways to get back on track when it is lifted in any way.

How to play Snow Day well?

If you're new to Rocket League, Snow Day mode is ideal. You don't learn how to play with a ball, but you do learn how to move around the field and communicate with your peers. In this mode, especially at low levels, you don't really need to worry about aerials or very complex mechanics. The puck stays on the ground or stuck to the walls most of the time.

The walls will be your best allies. To become effective and make long distance passes, rely on these walls. By running the puck into them, you will give it Momentum and speed. You can even maximise puck acceleration at the corners of the field. Practice in free play moving the puck across the field without losing contact. Then move it to the walls to see how it reacts. When you are confident, join a game; playing solo is good, but playing with and against other players is better. This will help your understanding of team play in Snow Day.

If you want to go further in the Snow Day mode, it is important to understand how to lift the puck. The easiest way to get it in the air is to use the walls of the stadium. The objective is to throw the puck at high speed towards the ceiling. When it reaches the top, the puck will spontaneously fall back down by gravity. When retrieving the puck from the air, pay close attention to its orientation. If you hit it in the wrong place, it could come right back at you.

You may have already noticed that many players "run" after the puck, which is not a good reflex. When you have sent it towards the opponent's goal via a wall, it is preferable to let him join the cage and to see if it will not spontaneously go in. Indeed, as it seeks to recover, it will very often end up on a post and will easily go into the goal. To help, you can simply hindering the opposing teamThis can be done by destroying or pushing the goalkeeper, for example.

There is one last important point to understand about becoming a better Snow Day player. During a kick-offUnless you know exactly what you are doing, keep all 4 tyres on the ground at the moment of impact with the puck. There's no need to jump, you just risk letting the puck go under your car and taking a free goal.

Useful technique - The puck-pinch

There are several advanced techniques for becoming a Snow Day ace, but there is also a simple and effective technique: the puck-pinch.

What is the purpose of the puck-pinch?

By learning this one technique, you will go from being an average player to a good one. It is extremely useful for moving the puck or even shooting. It consists of kick the puck to grant it a high speed instantly.

How do you perform a puck-pinch?

It is important to have a minimum of boost available. To do a puck-pinch, approach the puck. Jump over the puck. Tilt your car forward to land at 90 degrees to the puck. You need to use boost on impact with the puck.

Join a Free Play game to practice. This technique is relatively simple to learn. However, for the puck-pinch to be 100% effective, you must you fall in the right place on the puck. The more speed the puck gains, the more you be close to the red zone on the photo opposite.

When you are more comfortable, you can even use this technique directly on the walls to shoot the ceiling.

The puck-pinch requires falling back to the right place on the puck

Now you have all the keys you need to get to grips with the Snow Day mode. Now all you need to do is practice to become an expert on the snowy terrain. If you'd like to know more about the other extra modes in Rocket League, please see our guides.