Dropshot mode in Rocket League

In Rocket League, you play a game of football with cars, at least in the Standard mode. Several so-called 'extra' modes have been integrated into the basic game since its creation. Among the different variants is the Dropshot mode. Find out everything there is to know about these crazy and intense matches in our guide!

What is Dropshot mode?

Dropshot mode is the furthest variant of Standard mode. It is a real game in its own right within Rocket League. You play in a hexagonal arena to the TRON areas, the map Core 707.

The dropshot mode board is unique, it is the Core 707 board.

The map is divided into two parts: each team has its own side, consisting of several tiles. There are no goals on the map. Your objective is simple: destroy the opposing floor tiles to form holes. It is through these openings that you can score points. This is a particularly aerial mode, which will require you to use your boost correctly. By the way, there are no boost beacons on the map, the boost recharges itself.

How do the tiles work?

As you can see, in order to earn points, you will have to earn them by destroying tiles. The tiles all work in the same way and have 3 states:

  • neutral The slab is in its original state, without any particular colouring,
  • activated The tile is illuminated,
  • destroyed The slab has disappeared and is now empty. The cars can't fall in, but the ball can. As soon as the ball passes through the protection, the team scores a point.

When your team gets a point, all the opponent's tiles will be restored; your side of the field remains in the same state, which complicates the game as time goes by.

Initially, the tiles are neutral.
Neutral slab
When hit by a loaded bullet, the tiles activate and light up.
Activated tile
After two hits by a loaded ball, the tiles disappear. The void created by this disappearance allows a goal to be scored.
Destroyed slab

To move the tiles from one state to another, your team must use the ball, a bit like the famous game "Bricks". Indeed, when the ball hits a tile for the first time, it is activated. To do this, the ball must of course be the colour of the opposing team. To destroy the orange team's tiles, the blue team must have touched the ball last.

If the ball touches this tile again, it disappears. There are nevertheless some subtleties to take into account: the ball also has several states. You have to understand them well to be efficient in Dropshot.

A special balloon

Besides your own skill, your main weapon in Dropshot mode is the ball itself. It allows you to activate and destroy the tiles, in order to create scoring opportunities. The ball has 4 visually distinct shapes:

  • neutral When no one has touched it yet. It's a classic ball.
  • coloured orange or blue. The colour depends on the last touch. If it is orange, the ball is orange and vice versa. The colour changes with each keystroke, and you have to pay attention to it. At this point you can activate/destroy a single tile.
  • colourful and transparent The ball has a completely different shape. It looks like a sphere of energy, coloured, depending on the last touch. In this state, the ball can activate/destroy up to 7 tiles at the same time. The damage is done in a circle: the tile hit by the ball and the adjacent tiles.
When the ball is transparent, it can inflict up to 7 tiles of damage.
  • colourful and transparent with lightning bolts This is the state of maximum energy. It differs from the previous form by the presence of lightning. You can damage up to 19 tiles simultaneously.

The ball moves from one state to another as players from both teams touch it. For example, to move to the "clear" stage, the ball must have at least 2 touches. When the ball has discharged its energyby damaging one or more boxes, it becomes neutral again.

When a team touches the ball, the lights on the ball become coloured.
Coloured ball
When it accumulates hits, the ball becomes transparent. It has more energy to do more damage.
Coloured and transparent ball
With maximum hit, the ball will be surrounded by lightning. It can inflict colossal damage on the map.
Coloured and transparent ball with lightning

For markthe ball may be in the any stateand whatever its colour. So remember to defend your side.

How to train?

Dropshot mode requires you to be particularly comfortable with aerials, i.e. manoeuvres in the air. If you're a regular Rocket League player, you should already know the basics, but if you're just starting out, it may not seem feasible.

To get good at controlling your car in the air, you need practice. To learn the basics, turn to the Aerial" training Rookie, Pro, All-Star. If you can make every shot, you'll be on the right track.

Since the map is special, you need to learn how to handle bouncing off the walls and moving around the arena. To do this, start by free play and select Core 707. It will also be an opportunity to better understand how the tiles are damaged.

When you are comfortable, switch to a custom game with bots. You can also play one or two games to warm up each time you want to play a ranked Dropshot.

Tips for playing Dropshot better

Now that you know in detail how this particular mode works, we offer you some tips to improve:

  • Where in Standard you would want to throw the ball in the air, in Dropshot you have to aim at the ground.
  • Multiply the ball's hits. The more energy the ball accumulates, the more damage it will do to the opponent's field.
  • Don't "chase" the ball all the time. You need to be able to analyse the actions of your allies to take advantage of them. A well-caught pass can be more impactful than a random shot to say you've touched the ball.
  • Play as a team! If you can, form a regular trio and use a voice.
  • Destroying your opponents is acceptable and even highly recommended, it is the best way to hinder them and get a free hand.
  • Your team should always keep a player on your side, or at least on the boundary between the two parts of the court. You are not safe from a bad rebound; if there is no one to defend, it is a sure point for the other team.

Benefits for Standard Mode

If you're a regular player or a newcomer to Rocket League's normal mode, you might want to consider Dropshot mode. This mode is perfect for progressing through the aerialsand to learn how to anticipate bouncing off walls. Be careful though, if you play too long in this mode, you might rust your game mechanics in Standard.

You are now ready to become a master of Dropshot mode, at least on paper. There's no secret, you have to practice again and again. Although the first few games can be frustrating, you'll soon be rewarded if you break through. To learn more about the other extra modes available in Rocket League, please refer to our guides.