Rumble mode in Rocket League

Normally, Rocket League offers you the possibility to play a football match with cars, a game that is, to say the least, wacky but very funny. To add even more spice and fun to the games, other complementary modes have been integrated. Find out everything there is to know about the crazy and chaotic Rumble mode in our guide!

What is the Rumble mode?

Rumble mode is probably the craziest extra mode in Rocket League. The principle remains the same as Standard mode: 2 teams, 2 goals. You have to score to get a point. But this mode brings a special feature: like a Mario Kart, you get powers to use on yourself or against others, or even to act on the ball itself. Each power can influence the gameplay in its own way. If the matches are played on the classic fields, the confrontations can also take place on particular maps like HEXAGON. You will have to learn how to play on them.

The powers available

In Rumble mode, there are 11 different powers. You get one automatically after 10 seconds of play, and then every 10 seconds after use. Obtaining one is based on the RNG. You have a visual on your power at the bottom right of the screen, as well as the cooldown before the next one.

Powers to use on oneself

The spikes allow the ball to be hooked.
Be careful with the tornado. It also takes your allies.
The Power Hitter gives you incredible strength!

The Spades Your car is covered in thorns for a period of time. You hook the ball as soon as you touch it.
The Tornado A tornado appears around your vehicle for several seconds. The wind can affect the ball as well as other cars.
The Power Hitter You get incredible force in a short time. If you kick someone, they will probably explode even at low speed. If you kick the ball, it will be propelled at high speed.

Powers to use against an opponent

Without brakes, the car is more difficult to handle.
Swap places with the help of inversion.
Take out an opponent with a good kick!

Tyres on Fire (Disruptor): Cuts an opponent's brakes, preventing them from stopping. In addition, this opponent is launched at high speed for several seconds.
The Inversion You swap places with an opponent.
The Boot You kick an opponent's car to move it.

Powers to be used on the ball

Score goals easily with the punch
Take the ball with you using the Magnet.
Get closer to the ball with the grappling hook!
You can freeze the ball on the ground or in the air.
The suction cup is a very strong power!

The Punch (Haymaker): you punch the ball.
The Magnet Your car magnetises the ball to a certain extent, for several seconds.
The Grapple You send a grappling hook to the ball. When the grappling hook touches the ball, you are drawn towards it.
Glazing The ball is frozen in place for several seconds. Depending on where the ball is when the spell is triggered, it may be in the air or on the ground. The ball is automatically thawed after a while, but the spell breaks when someone taps it.
La Ventouse You throw a suction cup, attached to a rope, onto the ball. You can draw the ball with you.

How to use the powers well?

Knowing how each power works is good. Knowing how to use them correctly is even better! Each power can influence the game in its own way, but some are much more interesting than others. So, if your power is not really relevant to the current situation, don't hold on to it indefinitely. It is better to use it to get a better one quickly.

The best powers

They are to be kept even if you don't see a direct need for it. Wait for the right moment and you will secure a goal for your team, if you use them intelligently.

The Spades To take full advantage of this power, you need to have some boost. If you don't have boost, don't use it right away, or you'll give your opponents an easy opportunity to get the ball. If you have enough boost, be careful to hook the ball on the top of your car, not the front. You may make it more difficult to drive if the ball hits the ground. When you have caught the ball, stay on the ground if you are not comfortable with aerials! Zigzag, use your brake and accelerator to fool the enemy in your path and drive towards the opponent's goal.

The Punch This is the top power. It must result in a goal; if it doesn't, you've used it wrong. Remember to take into account the latency between the moment the punch is triggered and the moment the ball is hit. Use it if the ball is close to the goal or on one side of the field. The straight shot is not forbidden, but is easier to anticipate. In rare cases, you can use it to make a last chance save.

La Ventouse : This power is very strong, but requires a bit of control to use properly. When you shoot the ball with you, the angle is extremely important, especially if the ball is coming from the ceiling and you are running into the opponent's goal. For more efficiency, use the ball's Momentum to the maximum to create curves that are difficult for opponents to predict.

The right powers

The following powers are interesting and useful, but you should will require more thought to be put to good use.

The Magnet : The Magnet could be one of the very good powers, but the fact that the ball can escape from the magnetised aura makes it a more difficult power to use than the previous ones. If you want to make sure you get the job done with this power, trigger it near the ball and drive it into a wall or ceiling. Once in the air, all you have to do is fly towards the opponent's goal. You don't need to worry about the ball as it will stay with you, unless another power comes along to counteract you of course.

Glazing This power has many uses, but requires good coordination from your team to be effective. By freezing the ball, you should look for one of the following situations: stopping a shot, repositioning a ball for an ally, fooling opponents or even against spikes. Be careful when you trigger it. It is not about stopping an allied shot or hindering a teammate who is already in the air.

The Grapple To use the grappling hook properly, you have to remember the delay between the moment you trigger the spell and the moment you actually touch the ball. It can be used in a variety of ways: you can shoot, block an opponent's ball or pass. If you want to clear the ball, use the grapple on your side of the field. Also, if you want to send the ball far enough away, make sure you use the grapple when the ball is coming towards you: the impact will be more consistent and the ball will gain more speed.

The Boot It must be used correctly. Proper use would result in the removal of the goalkeeper or an opposing shooter. You can also use it against a person with spikes or a magnet. If you send it away from the ball, the magnet will not be strong enough to maintain contact with the ball.

Situational powers

These are not useless powers, but their use is less impactful at the time or requires a very specific situation. Use them as soon as possible to regain more advantageous power.

The Inversion Note immediately that there is a latency of several seconds for teleportation, it is not instantaneous. You must aim at the opponent you wish to swap places with.
This power will come in handy when it comes to taking out the opposing keeper. It allows you to clear the goal when you, or an ally, have taken a shot. It can also be useful to prevent an opponent from scoring on an open-net or to counter someone with spikes. Indeed, teleportation will remove the spikes on the opponent's car and you will get the ball back. You have to be particularly vigilant to the movements of the chosen opponent. Because of the latency, you may find yourself in an uninteresting position, in the air, or worse, in a position to score in your own goal.

The Power Hitter This power is strong if you master it. You can trigger it right in front of the opponent's goal if you have the ball in your possession. By doing so, you will give the ball a boost so that it goes straight into the goal. If you are not in this situation, use it quickly and try to inflict maximum damage on the opposing team. Avoid contact with the ball, especially if you are a beginner, you may send it into your goal unintentionally.

The Tornado As a beginner, this is not a very interesting power. It may even cause more confusion than good. If you are forced to use it, do so away from your allies, and possibly in the opponent's camp. Be careful not to take the ball away on an allied shot. You can also use it in front of your goal to stop the ball, but this is not really recommended. Once you understand how this power works, you can do tornado-dribble, but it takes a lot of practice.

Tyres on Fire This power should be used as soon as possible. Choose the opponent who will be most hindered and avoid opponents with spikes or magnets, you would be giving them a potentially beneficial speed boost. It can be useful to suppress a guard who is about to fly away or to stop a shot.

How to train for Rumble mode?

To play well in Rumble, you need to know the use of each power, but that's not all, you also need to understand how they work in game. The best way to understand them is thesolo training. In training, select "Free play" and then the Rumble card. You will appear with an immobile bot. In this session, you can test the powers and in particular be aware of the maximum distances at which they can be activated. This is an opportunity to test shots with the Punch or to shoot the ball with the Suction Cup. When you are more comfortable with each power, nothing beats a match situation. You can create a custom game with bots.

If you are confident, don't hesitate to move to the classified part. It is playing with other playersthat you learn the different combos powers or unexpected but well thought out uses of them.

How to become a good Rumble player?

Rumble mode can seem chaotic and totally random, but there are tricks to becoming more successful.

  • Even more so than in other modes, it is important to always have a keeper. The ball can move from one end of the court to the other in a matter of seconds, even if it doesn't feel like it. Also, someone may well have a Punch in reserve and without a keeper, you probably won't be able to do much about it.
  • Try not to waste the best powers. Analyse the situation to know when to use them and when not.
  • The Rumble match is still a classic match. Don't rely on powers. Sometimes you can make a better move with your skill than with a power. So don't forget your basic mechanics!
  • Do not panic unnecessarily when you are on the defensive. For example, using icing too quickly may well backfire.
  • Play as a team! At high levels, it is possible to consider each other's future powers based on placement, but at low levels it is a complex if not impossible exercise. So you need to communicate about your powers (in voice if possible) and when to use them. If someone insists and tries to spam "I've got it", trust them. They might have a punch to use and score easily.
  • Pay close attention to 'missed shots'. In Rumble, they can be missed on purpose, in order to get in front of the ball and use a power afterwards, like the magnet or the suction cup.

Fire up the engines, and get out there and practice! With a little perseverance, you'll quickly progress through Rumble mode and have even more fun seeing your strategies work. If you'd like to learn more about other Rocket League extra modes, check out all our dedicated guides.