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The first version of the famous Rocket League had a completely different name: Super Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars! Since then, a lot has changed in this football and car game. To bring even more fun to the games, Psyonix has deployed different extra modes, each one crazier than the last. We suggest you discover them in the following guides.

Discover the powers available in rumble mode.

Rumble mode

This variant offers you to face the other players in a classic match, spiced up with all kinds of powers.

In dropshot mode, it is the destruction that counts!

Dropshot mode

Dropshot games are very different from Standard mode. Destruction is the key to victory.

The ball is heading towards the goal in heatseeker mode

Heatseeker mode

What if the ball was to go into the goal by itself? That's what this intense mode offers!

In Snow Day mode, the ball is replaced by a puck.

The Snow Day mode

In Snow Day mode, the ball is replaced by a puck. Let the hockey game begin!