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How to unlock the Engineer - Risk of Rain Returns guide

The Engineer is a very powerful character, capable of setting up turrets with the same items as himself. Using them and his missiles, he can make an area uninhabitable for his enemies. Here's how to unlock the Engineer in Risk of Rain Returns.

To unlock the engineer, all you have to do is buy a total of 40 drones from all your Risk of Rain Returns games. Nothing too complicated, then, but it can take a little time. Drones broken by enemies that you repair do not count towards this total.

Drones are usually indicated by carcasses and green arrows pointing to the ground. They cost more than chests, especially advanced drones, but don't let their price deter you. Drones are extremely powerful allies in Risk of Rain Returns. There are 8 different types, and most of them have upgraded versions that increase their effectiveness.

The different types of drones :

  • Le Mitrailleur : It fires small bullets continuously in a straight line, doing damage and pushing the target back a little. It can be upgraded.
  • Le Soigneur : It periodically heals the player who bought it. It heals over time, rather than all at once. It can be upgraded.
  • The Missile Launcher: It regularly fires a salvo of powerful missiles aimed at the nearest enemy, even if they are a long way off or high up. It can be upgraded.
  • The Flamethrower: It spits bursts of flame at all nearby enemies, injuring, burning and repelling all enemies in its area of effect. It can be upgraded.
  • Laser : He concentrates before firing a wide laser that hits all opponents in a horizontal line to do enormous damage. It can be upgraded.
  • Le Cogneur : It punches enemies who get too close to you, pushing them away and stunning them. Once destroyed, this drone cannot be repaired.
  • The Special : It only appears when you find the Arms Race object. It fires armour-piercing bullets into a cone in front of it. This drone will reappear on the next level if it is destroyed.
  • The Reinforcement Drone : This drone only appears when you use the Call for Reinforcements object. It is surrounded by 4 other drones which, like it, strafe all targets within range, before disappearing.

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