Risk of Rain Returns

How to unlock the Pilot - Risk of Rain Returns Guide

The Pilot is the master of the skies. He can hurl himself or his opponents into the air to create distance and eliminate them with powerful attacks. But if he makes the slightest mistake, he'll find himself in real trouble on the ground, surrounded by enemies. Here's how to unlock the Pilot in Risk of Rain Returns.

To unlock the Pilot, you'll need to collect 15 Monster Diaries.

Monster Diaries are items that can be dropped by all the monsters in the game when they die. They contain images, information and your statistics for the associated monster (how many you've killed and how many you've killed, for example).

If you're looking to complete this objective, you should know that it can only be done on Stormy and Monsoon difficulty. Newspapers do not appear in Drizzle mode.

They're relatively rare, but as you progress through the game, the number of monsters on screen increases, so your chances of getting one increase. Once a monster's journal has been recovered, the monster can no longer drop its journal.

If the difficulty of the battles is holding you back, you can adjust the balance in your favour. From the character selection menu, by pressing Y, you can increase your stats to 200% and decrease those of your opponents to 10% to make the task easier and quicker.

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