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How to unlock the Bandit - Risk of Rain Returns Guide

The Bandit is a very powerful character who has no dodging skills as such, but can disappear from view. He uses his special skill to execute an enemy with a pistol shot. Here's how to unlock the Bandit in Risk of Rain Returns.

Unlocking the Bandit couldn't be easier: simply complete the first 3 levels in a game. To do this, you'll still need to master the basics of the game.

Choose the character you're most comfortable with before starting this challenge (the Huntress is a good character to start with). Try not to take too many risks in the levels and concentrate on surviving.

There's a strategy to make battles easier if you're struggling to complete levels. It's just as useful for beginners in the early levels as it is for expert players in the more complicated levels:

When you activate the teleporter, a boss and waves of monsters will appear for 90 seconds. Once the 90 seconds are up, no more monsters can appear in the level. If you play carefully, constantly running away while eliminating the various enemies one by one, after a while all that should be left is the boss. You can then calmly eliminate him without worrying about other sources of enemy damage.

You should therefore try to find and activate the teleporters fairly quickly, even before opening any chests. The longer you wait, the more powerful the enemies and bosses will be. What's more, the longer it takes you to complete a level, the more expensive the chests on subsequent levels will be. Collect money and open chests WHILE the boss is active and the teleporter is charging.

Playing the Huntress is recommended for beginners who want to apply this strategy. Since she automatically aims at enemies, you can hold down the fire button and worry only about moving and escaping.

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