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How to unlock the Loader - Risk of Rain Returns guide

The Loaderalso known as the Loader in Risk of Rain 2, is a powerful body-to-body fighter who requires you to know when to enter or exit combat. Here's how to unlock the Loader in Risk of Rain Returns.

To unlock the Loader, you need to obtain 30 different objects in a single game with any character. This means that item accumulations don't count. This challenge can be tricky to complete if you're unlucky... unless you loop or use the Command Artefact.

Completing means returning to the first level rather than going on to the final level.

From level 5, at the Temple of the Ancients, you'll notice that the teleporter has changed form. It's actually a Divine Teleporter, offering you two transport options. Either go to the last level or return to the previous level. By returning to the previous level, you complete a loop. You'll be able to visit an infinite number of levels, with new chests to open and more items to obtain.

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Beware: the power of enemies increases exponentially during loops. Some enemies and bosses that didn't appear in certain biomes no longer have restrictions and can attack you at any time. Most enemies and bosses will also be elites.

With the Command Artefact, you don't have to go all the way, as you can choose the items in the chests. Pick 30 different items and you're done. Be careful not to pick up 30 random items, especially at the start of the game.

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