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Gaining experience in Riders Republic

In Riders Republic, you can play without necessarily wanting to progress a lot and enjoy the scenery; for other players the objective is to unlocking more and more content. In this case, it is necessary to gain experience. In this guide you will find out how to quickly farmer the different disciplines and your player profile.

Difference between stars and experience points

When looking to increase your career, you must first define whether you are looking to increase your overall career or the career of a particular discipline.

Your overall career is dependent on your number of stars. The total number you accumulate appears in your nickname and is visible to everyone. It reveals your involvement in the game and lets other players know who they are dealing with. You will automatically get stars via several methods as we will see later.

To increase the sports careersYou will need to accumulate experience points. They are earned as you play, when you complete races.

Build your global profile

Although it has its own progression, the overall career is closely linked to your progression in the sports careers and your in-game activity, since as you play, you earn stars.

Why get the stars back?

Earning stars is essential in the game as they allow you to unlock a plethora of new content. For example, you can unlock the Shackdaddy challenges with 20 stars or the bike tricks career after collecting 65 stars. Stars also unlock new events, including the famous "Riders Ridge Invitational" at level 750.

The stars allow you to get different contents, including new sports careers

How to earn stars?

There are many ways to get stars but some will give you more than others. To reach the final 7000 stars, you will need to use the following techniques.

  • Shopping is a good way to get stars

The easiest way to earn more is to simply shopping. Each race provides you with a star when you finish it. You'll earn a new one even if it's the 20th time you complete the circuit. In addition, each race offers the opportunity to complete 3 additional missions in addition to the podium goal. These secondary objectives are highly variable and involve doing certain tricks, doing a number of points in a single trick or finishing the race in under 1min50. Each of these objectives are very useful to farmer the stars they give between 1, 3, 6 or even 10 starsdepending on the difficulty of the objective.

Example of secondary objectives proposed during a race

In addition to the single races, the mass races are the most profitable You earn a variable number of stars depending on your overall ranking at the end of the race. Even if you are placed in the middle, it's still interesting; and if you are on the podium you collect even more. So when you get the hang of the game, keep an eye on its races and do them whenever possible. The Free For Alls and Trick Battles races are also interesting, but potentially less profitable.

  • Other ways to get stars

You can also get stars by exploring the world. So remember to interact with all the "?" on the map. For example, discovering a secret location, such as the "Prototype" location, or hunting for relics.

The door to the secret 'Prototype' location is close to the Riders Ridge

In the same vein, Riders Republic offers you the opportunity to ride stunt courses in special spots. These are marked on the map with a red triangle with an exclamation mark. Completing one of these courses earns 5 stars!

In addition to these two methods, you can easily farmer the stars via long-term objectivessuch as "Collect 1million points (tricks)" which awards 1 star or short-term objectives and repeatable: "2min in the air (doing tricks)" which also awards 1 star. Of all the short-term objectives, achieving the " Dare Devil: 200,000 points in the air with the wingsuit "This is an effective method that offers 1 star. If you find a spot that is easy to use, you can quickly reach 100 stars/h by repeating the success in succession.

Often they are set aside by the players, but we advise you to complete the ShackDaddy Bandits Challenges. Some challenges will give you for example 10 stars after completion. Besides, it's a nice way to get some pretty stylish cosmetics!

Examples of Schakdaddy bandit challenges that earn stars

Bearings and associated titles

In addition to the intermediate levels as seen above, the overall career has 4 levels associated with highly prized titles:

  • Level 19 - 1000 stars accumulated - 'Super Legend' title.
  • Level 20 - 1500 stars accumulated - Title of "Mega Super Legend".
  • Level 21 - 3500 accumulated stars - Title of 'Legendary Legend'.
  • Level 22 - 7000 stars accumulated - 'Legend of the Riders Ridge' title and exclusive content, the Golden Smoke Pack: 'Golden Smoke Skull' outfit & helmet.
There are 4 final star levels with associated titles. The final tier offers exclusive aesthetic content!

Setting up careers

There are 5 careers available in Riders Republic: Bike Race, Bike Tricks, Ski/Snow Race, Ski/Snow Tricks and Air. When you start the game, at the beginning, you will only have not all careers are directly accessible. You will have to progress and get more and more stars to unlock the next ones. You can find each level in the Progression tab.

The different careers on riders republic

Passing the levels

From level 1 to about level 20 you will need overall less than 5min to pass a level if you win a few times, or even just by completing an event. From level 30 onwards the time increases and it will take about 1 hour to pass 10 levels.

The maximum level for each career is level 50. This does not prevent you from continuing to gain XP to obtain more and more new items. The elite items, the most prized, are only unlockable from level 40 of career. (LINK)

Play in the more difficult modes

When you complete a race, you get automatically 2000 XP points. By playing in the different levels of difficulty, you acquire a XP bonus for each victory :

  • + 500 XP in Pro.
  • + 650 XP in Expert.
  • + 1200 XP in Elite.
You earn 2000 XP for each completed race

By playing in Elite modeThis means you get a total of 3200 points. At low level (<10), you will go up one level for every 3200 XP points gained. If you finish secondyou still get 900 XP points This is still very interesting when you are looking to gain career levels quickly.

Link up short and easy runs

All podium races give you experience, but some are long and tedious. If you want to very quickly move up the career ladderIf you're looking for a more accessible and shorter race, stick to Riders Republic.

To achieve the following results, you must win the races in Elite mode. The XP rates are calculated on the basis of 3200 XP per elite win, based on average race times and adjusted with load times. They are not 100% accurate, but give you a good impression of what you can get.

  • Easy bike rides

To develop your career bicycle racesWe recommend the " Welcome to Riders"and a duration ofabout 1min. The course on land is relatively simple and should allow you to win more and more. Average XP rate : 180,000 XP/h.

If you want to play in your career Bike Tricksgo to the event "Bangers and Crash. This downhill race is made up of two runs and lasts 1min20. By winning successive games, you will easily gain experience. Average XP rate : 130,000 XP/h.

  • Easy ski/snowboard races

The race " Trees to one go "is perfect for farmer in career running in the snow. This route between the trees, of approximately 1min10 will be rewarding if you manage to get to the top. Average XP rate: approx. 155,000XP/h.

For rapid career development Tricks in the snowyou can count on the race". Mammoth can Jump" . All you need to do is1min30 to complete this platform course. With the right training, you can easily reach pole position. Average XP rate : 120,000 XP/h.

  • The easy run for the Air career

There are several rather simple and fast races to develop this discipline. We propose the Wingsuit races entitled " Narrow Canyon" . You will be moving through a canyon for about 1min. If you stick to the walls, you will finish in first place easily. Average XP rate: about 180,000XP/h.

There is also another possibility for increase the career of any sport with a race: the race Three To One Go - Jumbo Edition. Before the race starts, equip yourself with the wingsuit for example. As with all other players, the race will take place on a bike, but you will gain experience for the sport you are initially equipped for.

You now have all the keys you need to farm efficiently in Riders. If you want to understand how to easily retrieve prestigious equipment or know the locations of hidden relics, go to our guide dedicated to elite equipment.