Elite equipment at Riders Republic

In the multi-sport game Riders Republic, you have the opportunity to unlock new equipment, such as skis. The elite contents are the most prizedbecause they are the most effective in-game. Find out how to unlock these items and more!

Features of the equipment

All unlockable equipment has its own characteristics. Let's take the example of bikes. Each bike has 5 different features: theacceleration (SPRINT), the speed (SPEED), the flexibility of movement in the air (AIR ROTATION), theadhesion (GRIP) and theshock absorption (ABSORPTION).

Tip: You should always aim to maximise agility and grip rather than speed or acceleration.

Each piece of equipment is associated with a particular discipline. A bike can be dedicated to downhill (DOWNHILL), road (ROAD), moguls (SLOPESTYLE) or free running (FREERIDE). In the snow, equipment can also be categorised: for deep snow (DEEP SNOW), for downhill, for SKATEPARKS or for off-road (OFF-TRACK).

Example of characteristics for a road bike

In addition, each element has its own own overall score The higher the score, the better the statistics. From one player to another, this score is identical on the same equipment. For example, the POW34RED trick bike will always have a score of 900.

The various facilities are divided into 4 categories according to their rarity and performance These are: standard (green), pro (blue), expert (purple) and elite (gold). The elites are particularly difficult to unlock and will require some patience.

Number of elites per discipline

Each discipline has elite equipment. There are 22 elite bikes to unlock:

  • Bikes for tricks: 6 in Slopestyle and 7 in Freeride.
  • Bikes for races: 6 Downhill and 3 Road.

In the snow, there are two particularities to take into consideration: thesnow depth (Deep Snow or not) and the type of terrain for tricks (Skateparks or Off-piste) :

  • There are 4 pairs of elite skis for Downhill and 7 pieces of equipment for Deep Snow.
  • For tricks, there are 6 pieces of equipment dedicated to the snow parks and 13 for off-piste sessions.

By equipment we mean skis and snowboards combined.

As for the Air events, the game offers to unlock 3 Rocketwings and 5 elite Wingsuits.

Example of an elite slopestyle bike: the Stickerbomb!
Example of an elite slopestyle bike - The Stickerbomb

Note: With the recent integration of the Sponsor PradaYou can also unlock a new pair of elite slopestyle skis, the Prada Faction Prodigy 3.0.

How to unlock elite equipment?

Before going into more detail, please note that the Bucks do not allow the purchase of new equipment such as bicycles or skisbut only cosmetics and new sports and events.

The elements elitesthe most popular ones, are only can only be unlocked from career level 40 onwardsand are even easier to obtain from level 50 onwards. Some equipment can also be obtained through sponsor contracts.

Farmer's career levels

The best way to get the elite equipment of your dreams, involves pass the career levels and thus gain experience. Each level crossing gives you a gain of This includes new events, equipment or money. As said before, after level 40 of the career, you can get elite equipment. You will obviously need set up the career of the desired type of equipment. For example, to get the POWE34RED elite bike, you will need to ride the tricks bike career. To find out more about careers, visit our guide to gaining experience.

The content of the gain at each level is varies from player to player. If a player can get the CANYON Torque bike by passing level 43, you could get a completely different bike or a sum of money. So don't be fooled by what you might find online, the time will come when you unlock THE super bike you want.

Please note that due to the random nature of the winnings in Riders Republic, some players put a long time to get their first elite equipment. On the other handOthers are more fortunate and receive them from level 40.

Sponsor contracts

They are often overlooked, but sponsorship contracts represent a easy way to access elite content, and without the luck factor. The first contract is available after have obtained 40 stars in total; the others will follow as you progress. You can equip 3 sponsors simultaneously and change them every 2 hours. Currently there are 22 sponsors, 7 of which allow you to pick up elite equipment: Specialized, Prada, Santa Cruz, Salomon, Burton, Canyon and Rossignol.

Through these contracts, you can obtain the V10 Syndicatea DOWNHILL bike offered when you reach the sponsor's max level Santa Cruz or the pair of skis Stance 96 via the sponsorship of Salomon.

Sponsors page : Santa Cruz sponsor unlocks elite bike
Example of a Sponsor - Santa Cruz

The best equipment by discipline

In this section of the guide, you will find the list of the best equipment available in each sport. This list is based on the overall score of the various equipment.

The best bikes for racing


  • RR POW34RED (900)
  • SANTA CRUZ V10 Syndicate (900)
  • SPECIALIZED Demo Loic Bruni (900)


  • BMC TimeMachine Road 01 ONE (900)
  • KONA Libre DL (900)
  • RR C6TI22 (900)

The best bikes for tricks


  • COMMENCAL Furious PEF (900)
  • SPECIALIZED S-Works Epic EVO 01 (900)
  • YT INDUSTRIES Capra 01 (900)


  • CANYON DJ 360 Tomas Lemoine (900)
  • COMMENCAL Absolut SX 01 (900)
  • SANTA CRUZ Carbon Trials 01 (900)

The best equipment for snow races

As seen above, snow races are played in 2 types of environments either in descentor in deep snow (Deep Snow). Depending on the type of event, you will not take the same equipment.

Deep Snow - Pairs of skis

  • ARMADA Zero Declivity X (900)
  • FACTION Dictator 4.0 (900)

Deep Snow - Snowboards

  • NITRO Mountain X Grif (900)

For the Downhill skiingThe two best pieces of equipment are skis ATOMIC Redster X9 (900) and the pair of ROSSIGNOL Hero Athlete GS (900).

The best equipment for tricks in the snow

For this category of equipment, it is important to consider that it is possible to participate in events in snow parks or on off-track terrain. The best equipment therefore varies according to the style of race:

Snowpark - Pairs of skis

  • Armada Edollo (900)
  • Faction Prodigy 2.0 Kengo (900)

Snowpark - Snowboards

  • Lobster Lucas Beaufort Artist Edition (900)
  • Nitro Beast (900)

Off-Track - Pairs of skis

  • ARMADA Magic J (900)
  • ATOMIC Bentchelter 100 (900)

Off-Track - Snowboards

  • NITRO Santoku (900)
  • NITRO Victoria (900)

The best equipment for Air events

Rocket Wing

  • RR Firebase (900)
  • RR Icarus (900)
  • VICTORY YAMA Grand Opening Rocjet (900)


  • RR Atlas advenced (900)
  • RR Harmattan advanced (900)
  • RR Ural advanced (900)

Attacking the relics!

In addition to the normal elements, elite or not, there are 11 relics hidden in the game. Among these eccentric elements, you will find a exercise bikewhich will bring you nothing but a star and a few laughs. The opposite, the aeroplane wing is an essential to be able to move quickly through Riders Republic.

Location of the relic called "aeroplane wing

Here are all the areas and geographical coordinates where each relic can be found:

Grand Teton Zone :

  • Exercise bike Cascade Canyon - 6991 N / 7455 E - Near the tree.
  • Vintage skis Grand Teton - 6201 N / 3777 E - At the level of the camping tent.
  • Surfboard : Petersen Glacier - 7753 N / 3985 E - Attached to the igloo.

Mammoth Zone :

  • Pizza delivery bike Canyon Lodge - 950 N / 4162 W - Close to the "Ride With my Crew" tag.
  • Wooden snowblades Santiago Bowl - 965 S / 6283 W - Adjacent to the display post.

Zone Canyonlands :

  • Folding bike : Arches Valley - 7534 S / 3302 W - Adjacent to a rock.
  • Adventure biking Colorado River: The Slide - 4199 S / 4365 E - In the wilderness camping area.

Yosemite area :

  • Aircraft wing Yosemite - Cloud Rest - 665 N / 5579 E - In the middle of the water on the plane carcass.
  • Grandpa's bike Yosemite - Yosemite Valley - 3555 N / 2439 W - In front of the mailbox.

Other areas :

  • Bicycle destroyed Zion - Pine Creek - 2004 S / 4247 W - In the river, next to the protruding rock.
  • Cardboard plane : Sequoia - General Highway - 1544 S / 5213 E - At the level of the wooden hut.

Now you know how to unlock elite equipment and where to find each of the hidden relics. If you want to understand how to quickly gain experience and advance your career, please refer to our guide.