Riders Republic Beginner's Guide

With a variety of careers on offer, Riders Republic is the perfect playground for all thrill-seekers. Whether you're a skier or a biker, you'll find plenty of fun in this Ubisoft title. To take full advantage of the content available in the game, you will have to practice all the disciplines: skiing, snowboarding, road or downhill biking, tricks or even aerobatics.

Whether you're a beginner or already a bit more advanced, if you want to get up to speed quickly and make your mark on the podiums, there are some useful tips to know!


The first and most important piece of advice we can give you is to train again and again! In Riders Republic, you'll progress as you race more and more.

Let's take the example of pure downhill racing: the idea is to know the trajectories. If you can anticipate corners or bumps, you will know when to brake and when to accelerate. It may seem obvious, but if you stick with it, you'll have the edge over many players.

As you have probably seen from the first stages in the game, there are other races that aim to score the most points. Here again, it can be interesting to know the terrain to anticipating tricks that you can throw. The higher a platform allows you to fly, the more time you will have to perform the tricks. But that's not all! In order to anticipate which tricks can be performed on a particular jump, you need to know the trick.

For this kind of event, it is therefore essential to spend time in the snow parks to practice different tricks. Also, don't forget to take advantage of the tutorials available in the Tricks Academy.

Examples of tricks offered in the Tricks Academy

Once you know the most impressive tricks and are able to get them in every time, you'll be sure to win almost every time.

Use manual landing

Mastering the tricks is a good start, but mastering the landingThat's a different story. When you started the game, you were given the option of switching to manual mode or keeping the auto mode for landings. If you didn't do that from the start, switch to "manual" mode. To do this, go to: Options > Gameplay > Landing mode.

To change the landing mode, you must go to the Gameplay tab

The 'manual' mode gives you full control over the rotation when you perform a trick, right up to the moment of landing. Unlike the "auto" mode which ensures a perfect landing every time, you must make sure that fall well at the end of your figure. This mode is more difficult but much more rewarding, as you will get landing points. So when you manage to make a perfect landing you receive 2000 points. During a race, all the points accumulated with perfect landings can make the difference! On the other hand, if you completely miss the landings, you will not get any bonus points or points for the trick.

For Steep players, there is a third mode Steep mode. In this mode, manual landing is activated, but you can switch to auto when you are in the air. In this case, the landing is assisted, you don't earn as many points as in manual.

Unlocking equipment

The more you have better equipmentthe more you can gain in effectiveness in the field. As you play, you will come across players who are better. On the one hand, because they are probably better trained, but also potentially because they have better equipment than you.

You too can get new bikes, skis and snowboards by levelling up in the different disciplines. To unlock bikes, you have to play in a bike career, the same goes for unlocking equipment snow, you must play in the corresponding career.

At the beginning, you will get more interesting equipment than the ones you already own, especially pros and experts. By persevering, you can even unlock elite equipment!

Example of the screen displayed when you get a new piece of equipment

How to choose your equipment?

To be effective in races, you need to train. That's a fact. But you can become even better by understanding the operation of your equipmentAnd above all by understanding it better than other players. In a racing game it can be tempting to want to go faster and faster; it is a mistake to think like that in Riders Republic.

Each piece of equipment has its own own characteristics and is designed for one or the other discipline. In the case of bicycles, for example, choosing speed or acceleration is not necessarily the best idea. You must first and foremost focus on the bike's agility and grip. So be sure to check these elements when choosing your bike.

The other element to take into account is the overall score. The bigger it is, the better the performance. No matter what sport you play at Riders Republic, you should always strive to use the best equipmentthe elites.

Example of an elite slopestyle bike: the Stickerbomb!

For more information on this subject, refer to the guide on elite equipment.

Go in search of the aeroplane wing

In addition to the basic equipment, elite or not, you can get 11 unique facilitiess, also known as the relics. They are scattered all over the Riders Republic world. Some of them are totally useless but fun, others are very practical. This is notably the case of the aeroplane wing.

The open world of Riders Republic is particularly large and consists of valleys and mountain ranges. You may have already noticed how difficult it can be to get around or to reach certain viewpoints. For save timeYou can also use the new system to gain more experience by completing races more quickly, or by searching for theaircraft wing. This treasure is none other than an aeroplane wing with a motor. Although it is not easy to use at first, it soon becomes indispensable.

Location of the relic called "aeroplane wing

To retrieve this exclusive content, go to the "Yosemite - Cloud Rest" area at the following coordinates 665 N / 5579 E. There you will find a plane carcass in the middle of a waterhole; the plane wing is lying on top.

If you want to find out where the other 10 relics are hidden in the world of Riders Republic, visit our guide dedicated to Elite Equipment.

Make the sponsor contracts

Sponsors are not available when you first start the game. You will have to progress a bit before you can use them. To be precise, you will get your first sponsor when you accumulate 40 stars.

Sponsors page : Santa Cruz sponsor unlocks elite bike

They make it easy to obtain free contentYou will be able to get equipment, Bucks and cosmetics. In addition, by completing all the levels of certain sponsors, you can obtain equipment elites !

How to progress quickly?

As you can see, in order to get the most out of all the activities included in Riders Republic, you will have to progress. You will have to build your global career, but also the careers dedicated to the different sports.

The stars allow you to get different contents, including new sports careers

To do this, you will need to accumulate stars and experience points. Both forms of experience are gained as you play. But there are several ways to get more, and quickly. For example, to gain experience points easily, you should play in the most difficult modes Expert and elite, rather when standard or pro. By winning a number of very short races such as the "Welcome to Riders", levelling up can be very quick! To find out more about fast XP, see our guide to experience gain in Riders Republic.

It's time to continue your sporting adventure! Train, enjoy the landscape and have funBecause that is also the spirit of Riders Republic!