What is Pro Soccer Online?

When you think of football games, FIFA probably comes to mind, but do you know Pro Soccer Online ? FIFA players, forget everything you know and discover a new atypical football game ! Currently, the game is only available in English.

The specifics of the game

Pro Soccer Online is a minimalist football game. You can play against random players or your friendsin 3v3 and 6v6 matches online and customised matches that can range from until 12v12. The matches in 3v3 are always played in 5 minutes, from 6v6 the meeting lasts 12min.


The game works with official sport rules touches, free kicks, fouls, corners, offsides... Note that in 3v3On a reduced terrain, there is no no key If you knock the ball out of the box, it is returned to the opposing goal. As far as fouls are concerned, players may not not be harmed However, a player may be shown a yellow card and then shown a yellow card. a red one if he accumulates 2 cards. In this case, the player is excluded for 40s.

If you are a FIFA fan, you should understand that Pro Soccer differs from FIFA in several ways:

  • You do not lead the whole team, but hold a position
  • You have the possibility to play in first person, like in an FPS
  • The ball does not stick to the feet of the player
  • Players have a stamina gauge which
  • Players cannot be injured
  • There are few technical gestures

Pro Soccer Online may be minimalist, but it's not less demanding of the skill. On the contrary! Each player must master the different actions that can be performed, so that the team game is fluid and efficient. Forget about individualismIn this game you must cooperate.

What positions are available?

Each member of the team hasa specific roleThis is determined at the beginning of the game. Depending on the number of players, your team will consist ofa goalkeeper and strikerswith possible defenders and midfielders.

The positions available in 6v6

To be more precise, the composition is as follows:

  • In 3v3In this case, the team has 1 goalkeeper and 2 forwards. In this case, the match is played on a pitch reduced to a "street football" pitch.
  • In 6v6 1 goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 1 midfielder and 2 forwards. In this case, the match is played on a normal pitch.

The custom matches offer more positions in the midfield. However, we advise you to limit to a maximum of 7v7 for an optimal experience.

What actions can you take?

In Pro Soccer Online, you can shooting, dribbling, passing. You also have the possibility to tackle your opponents, to jump to make heads or to make juggling and acrobatic flips to show your talent. There is no no other integrated technical gestures but you can use the dribble and juggle buttons to create your own moves and give your opponents a run for their money.

Each action is assigned to a key and will require some practice.

To become an ace shooter, visit our guide How to shoot well in Pro Soccer Online?.
To understand how to dribble effectively, visit our guide How to Dribble in Pro Soccer Online?.

If you play caretakerObviously, you have access to additional actions stopping the ball, dropkicks or hand passes.


You may have guessed it, but this role is extremely important. If you wish to specialise, please refer to our guide to becoming a good caretaker.

Keyboard/Mouse or Joystick?

In Pro Soccer Online, you can play with the keyboard/mouse combo or joystick. Each of the two methods has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are a regular football player, you may prefer the joystick. On the other hand, dribbling is made easier by the precision of the mouse click. Given the importance of this skill in a match, you might change your mind! To know which device to use, there is only one thing to know no secret: take the test.

Choosing your camera

The game lets you choose to play in a first person or third person view. Immersion or ease? That is the question. The choice is yours. Test both cameras and see which one suits you best. By default, press (C) keyboard and (RS) the joystick to change the view.

Player view - First person
Player view - Third person

If you hesitate, we still advise you to stay in the third personespecially if you are a beginner. This camera is well easier to use. Not only do you see more easily what is going on around you, where your teammates are placed for example, but above all you see the ball when it is at your feet.

The fact that it doesn't stick to your feet is already a point that makes the game complex, but it becomes even more so if you reduce your field of vision. In this situation, you are forced to lower your head to compensate and see where the ball is, which prevents you from concentrating on other elements.

In addition to the first or third person choice, the game offers you customise the view. To access this configuration area, go to Options > Camera.

The FOV bars change the angle of your field of view. For the third person view, you can even change the distance to the character and the height of the camera in relation to the character.


For an even more enjoyable experience, you can change the motion sensitivity of the camera in the "Controls" tab, via the Look Sensitivity bar. This is especially important if you play with a controller. We don't have any figures to give you, just do some tests to find out what suits you best.

Customise your character

Customisation is a detail that won't change the gameplay, but it's nice to give your player the image you want. From the colour of hairto its clothing through the accessoriesTreat yourself! You can create a bearded man with blue hair and a green beard if you wish...

What class!

If you'd like to learn more about other topics and become a skilled player, check out all of our Pro Soccer Online specific guides.