How to shoot well in Pro Soccer Online?

If you have played a few games online, you have probably realised that shooting in Pro Soccer Online is not easyEspecially when the ball is in motion. Discover in this guide all our tips to become an ace with the ball.

How does shooting work?

Before going into more detail it is important to differentiate well shooting and the pass. Both actions have not the same objective:

  • The shot allows you to shoot into the opponent's goal.
  • The pass allows you to give the ball to a close or distant ally.

Both actions are not triggered not with the same key:

  • To shoot, you will have to left-click with the mouse or (RT) with the joystick.
  • To pass you can right or left click with the mouse or (RT) or (LT) with the joystick.

The choice of the key to be used for the pass depends on how far away your teammate isIt also depends on whether or not you want to make a low pass.

When looking to make a shot, you must manage the power of the stroke, its height and curvature. The power is visible via the red bar. The fuller it is, the stronger your shot. For the height and curvature of the shotIt all comes down to the moment you release the firing button:

  • To change the height of the shot, you must move the mouse up or down, or indicate a direction with (RS).
  • To change the curvature, you have to move the mouse to the right or left, or indicate a direction with (RS).

Of course you can, and you should, play on these two parameters at the same time. We do not have a magic formula. You must analyse the situation at the time of shooting, to determine how much curvature and height to give it. Be careful not to not always firing at full power... sometimes a less powerful but more accurate shot is better!

How to train for shooting?

It's a fact, Pro Soccer Online is a game that requires skill. To become the king of the ball, you will have to train. Training can be done in three stages:

  • First of all in solo (or duo with a keeper), in "free play" mode. Take a shot from different positions. Start staticto get the hang of shooting and consider different curves and/or different heights. Do it well on the right and left side of the field. You will tend to be more comfortable on one side or the other, but don't neglect the other; in a match it can make a difference. Also remember to make some straight shots It's not easy at the beginning. The objective is to achieve shoot where you thought it would at the base, for example in a dormer window.
Mastering the shot will take practice!
  • Continue this practice by adding shots in motion. Run towards the goal with the ball at your feet and try to shoot at a specific time without missing the ball. If there are two of you, you can pass the ball to each other and try to shoot directly at the ball. Eventually you should not miss the ball when you shoot. To make this step easier, we advise you to be in third person camera. You will also find in the Pro Soccer Online presentation.
  • When you feel comfortable and sufficiently warmed up, it's time to go online. During the training you are alone and you only concentrate on your shooting. Nothing beats a match situation, as you will have to succeed in shoot while paying attention to the opponents and the positioning of the goalkeeper.

Shooting skills will also require you to be able to move around the field with the ball at your feet.

Making your free kicks and penalties count

To be successful in these particular situations, you must mastering basic shooting beforehand; hence the interest in practising shooting without moving.

As far as free kicks are concerned, the best advice we can give you is toanalyse the situation. Where are your teammates located? the goalkeeper? the opponent's defence? By trying to answer these questions, you can determine whether it is better to shoot directly or to make a pass intelligent.

During a penalty kickIt's you against the keeper! To succeed, we advise you to playing goalkeeper from time to time at least. If you know how the guard worksYou know what it can and cannot do, which will make it easier for you to shoot. In addition, you can look at whether it is static or dynamic. A static goalkeeper will be more likely to let the ball go through, especially if you are really shooting from the side.

To be comfortable during a penalty, you can train against an empty goal or with a goalkeeper. In this situation, you are really close, so you have to learn to manage the power, but also the height of the shot so as not to send the ball into the sky.

Make passes!

If you are not not in a position to hold the ball or take a shotThere is nothing better than playing with your teammates. There are several types of passes in Pro Soccer :

  • ground passes, which are triggered by the dribble button.
  • passes in the air that are triggered by the shooting button.

Among the different possible passes, we propose the following two that may be useful to you.

Bell passes

These passes allow you to lob your opponents, or even the goalkeeper, and make a Panenka! To make this kind of pass, you need to use the shoot button. Press it quickly, all the time. looking up when releasing the shot. With practice you will be able to get over your opponents and recover the ball afterwards.

90° passes

These passes are very useful to surprise your opponents, including the goalkeeper. It is activated with the dribble button, while pressing the right or left direction. You can even make a heel side pass, being a little bit ahead of the ball. That's classy! Also, if you are accurate enough, you can use this technique to dribble past your opponents. (LINK)

Bonus - The acrobatic flip

Among the technical gestures permitted by the gameThe acrobatic return. What could be better than shooting and scoring, but in style? To perform this move, you need to read the game and especially the trajectory of the ball. You must making the right move at the right time.

Here is the combination of keys to perform an acrobatic flip:

  • On the keyboard : (CTRL left by default) + backspace key
  • At the lever: (B) + direction backwards

As in the video, you can use the touch of juggling to put the ball up and practice out of the game.

Now you have the keys to becoming a good player who can shoot and make useful passes. If you'd like to learn more about how to become a great player, check out all of our Pro Soccer Online specific guides.