How do I dribble in Pro Soccer Online?

We've gotten used to having the ball stick to our feet in football games. But Pro Soccer Online, as the name suggests, is for the pros. If you want to dribble, you have to do it manually! Well, manually, but with your feet. And you'll have to be able to dribble past your opponents if you want to make a difference on the pitch! Find out everything you need to know about dribbling in our guide.

How does dribbling work?

The objective of dribbling, as in any football game, is tomove forward with the ball without the opposing team recovering it. As you can see, the difficulty of Pro Soccer Online lies in the fact that the ball does not automatically follow your player. You must therefore learn to keep the ball at your feet.

To be able to dribble, you need to understand how this action is performed in Pro Soccer Online. By default, the dribbling is associatedat the right click with the mouse, with (RS) if you play with the joystick. The ball automatically takes the same direction as your character when you release the dribble button.

In addition to the management, you can influence the powervisible via the blue bar. The longer you hold down the bar, the more power you get. Unlike shooting, you cannot not change the height of the dribble. At least not with the dribbling touch.

Note that the dribble key is also a useful key for making a short pass.

Practising dribbling

There are several points that differentiate an average player from a good player in Pro Soccer Online. In his skill set, the right player is able to dribble without too much difficulty. Here's how to practice your dribbling skills:

  • First, join the Free Play mode. Stand at one end of the field with your ball and try to reach the other side while keeping the ball at your feet. Do this first by walking, then by running. In the end, the aim is to cross the field as quickly as possible without losing the ball.
  • Then repeat the exercise, increasing the difficulty. To do this, set a point to reach on the other side of the field and add small movements to the right and left during your journey. You should try to get as close as possible to your arrival point. Repeat this step faster and faster until you are perfectly fluid.
  • When you are ready, go back to the "Dribbling" tutorial. You must complete the course as quickly as possible without losing the ball of the feet only once.

Your training can be completed by a duo session. Ask player 2 to try to take the ball away from youto prevent you from moving forward or to tackle you. For your part, you will need to succeed in keeping the ball. Do one or two minute sessions and change roles. By taking the other role you force yourself to understand how the other player thinks and could dribble you, and so you are even more apprehensive about how you could dribble someone.

When you feel confident, you can try to reproduce what you have learned in the course of online matches. You can start with 3v3 encounters to get familiar with the dynamics of a match, then move on to 6v6 encounters. The more opponents there are, the more you will have to dribble. In addition, you will find more situations in which to use your new skill.

Dribbling past the goalkeeper

Sometimes you won't be able to shoot early enough and you will end up facing the goalkeeper. In this situation, you can dribble past him. To confuse the goalkeeper, try to keep the ball moving. Then, you have two options: either you succeed in passing and you only have to shoot, or you try to feint the shot to force the keeper to dive then you shoot for real.

If the goalkeeper lunges at you to get the ball, you can also perform a lobe. For more information, check out our How to Shoot Pro Soccer Online? (LINK)

Tips for better dribbling

To finish this guide to dribbling, what better way to be even more effective than with a few tips?

  • Put yourself in 3rd person camera. You will find it much easier to see the ball and therefore to manage your movements around it.
  • Use the juggling key to add height in your dribbling.
  • Do not hesitate to try some moves and try to repeat them until you can easily reproduce them.
  • Be careful how much power you put into the ball.

Now you know how to dribble. Now all you need to do is practice! If you'd like to learn more about how to become a skilled player, check out our Pro Soccer Online guides.