Become a good goalkeeper in Pro Soccer Online

In Pro Soccer Online, you choose your position at the start of the game. Just like in any other football team, one player will have to take on the role of keeper. This position is not easy to play. You will find everything you need to get the hang of it and improve your skills in this guide!

How does the guard work?

The goalkeeper is there to stop the shots, you are not taught anything. However, the way saves work can be a bit tricky. To make saves, you can jump straight ahead or perform dives :

  • On the keyboard: Keeper action key (Left Ctrl by default) + Goto (space by default) + Right or Left arrow
  • On the joystick: Goalkeeper action button (X) + Jump (A) + Right or left direction (RS)

You can also taking the ball in handIf the ball arrives very slowly, for example, via the touch action of the keeper. As the rules of football state, you are only allowed to pick up the ball in your own area. A hand icon is visible where possible.

How do you practice stopping?

There is no secret to becoming a good goalkeeper on Pro Soccer Online, you need to trainYou can train, train and train some more. There are two situations if you want to train at stops:

  • Playing in a duo with another player.
  • Playing in real-life online games.

The first method is practical. The player 2 must carry out shooting in all possible configurations You'll be able to do a lot of different things: from far away, close up, straight shots and more curved ones, shots on the ground or higher up or even shots on the move. You do a real session dedicated to stopping.

When training in pairs, you can switch roles. By taking on the role of the shooter, you improve your shooting, but more importantly you think about the best way to deceive the guard. This will be beneficial in getting you into the head of the shooter when you are in charge of the cages!

Despite this, nothing beats going partly online. Against a single player, you can master the saves without too much trouble if you understand how to make them, but in a match, there are many factors to be taken into account. You have to anticipate the movement of several opponents, watch what your defence is doing or stay mobile.

Stop the penalties

As a goalkeeper, penalties will probably be your biggest problem. Alone with the opposing player, it is your skill and ability to make the right decision will make the difference. To be able to deal with this particular situation calmly, you need to be prepared.

You need to find a partner for your training. Do some constructed sessions to take charge of the dives on both sides of the goal. Player 2 can shoot first to the right and then to the left. Ask the shooter to do vary the speed shooting range as well as the height and curvatureto test your reflexes. Also, don't neglect straight shotsYou could be fooled. Do this in a 1min session, then follow up with a random shooting session for 1min.

As with shooting sessions, you can reverse the roles; you will think even better as a keeper if you put yourself in the shoes of the shooter at some point.

Improve your passing

The goalkeeper's restarts are to gain an advantage on the ground and do not not be subject to countermeasures unnecessary. So you need to be able to make good passes.

As a custodian, you can perform several types of passes :

  • dropkicks, when you have the ball in your hand, which allow you to target a distant player.
  • hand passes, which should be preferred if the area is clear and your ally is close.
  • foot passes via the shooting touch, when the ball is already on the ground, to reach a distant player.
  • foot passes via the dribble touch, when the ball is already on the ground, to pass the ball to a close ally.

When the ball is on the ground, you have to be careful because your opponents can get hold of it.

To improve this aspect, train with another player. Vary his position on the field and try to reach him with the different passes.

Tips as a caretaker

Finally, here are some tips on how to be an even more effective caretaker :

  • Do not stay not static in your goal. By keeping moving along your goal, you will be better able to catch shots.
  • Do not stay in your zoneYou don't have to leave your goal for no reason. The players on the pitch already have their role to play and they don't necessarily want to be the goalkeeper because you're not there.
  • Tackle the opposing player if you think it is relevant and necessary.
  • Do not hesitate to shoot directly in the opposing goal if the opportunity arises, especially in 3v3.

If you'd like to learn more about other topics and become a skilled player, check out all of our Pro Soccer Online specific guides.