All Pro Soccer Online guides

Pro Soccer Online is a football game that is focus on skill and decision makingIn this game, you play as one of the players, not the whole team. Since the ball does not stick to your feet Like in other football games, you will have to learn to master it. To be an outstanding player, you will also need to understand how to move, shoot and pass well. But that's not all, there is also a goalkeeper on a team. Find out in our guides how to become a talented player or keeper.


What is Pro Soccer Online?

Find out more about this atypical football game, how it works and some practical advice about cameras.


How to shoot well in Pro Soccer Online?

To score, you have to be able to shoot! But this essential skill is not easy to master. Follow this guide to practice.


How to dribble in Pro Soccer Online

As you can see, the ball does not stick to the players' feet. It is therefore necessary to keep it moving and to deceive your opponents by dribbling.


Become a good goalkeeper in Pro Soccer Online

Each player officiates in one position. One player will have to take on the role of goalkeeper. The dives will help you to take on the heavy task you have been given!