Your first Pokémon and Menzi - Solution Part 2 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Continuation of the solution to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with this Part 2: Your First Pokémon and Menzi.

In this section we will:

  • Choosing our first Pokémon
  • Meet Menzi
  • Doing our first Pokémon battle

A walk in good company

Following Clavel outside, you arrive in the village of Cuchalaga. The headmaster is on your doorstep and introduces you to the 3 starting Pokémon available. He entrusts you with all three of them and asks you to meet him at his house at the end of the road.

This is your chance to walk around with the three starting Pokémon (called starters). If you have not yet chosen who will accompany you, this is a good opportunity to discover their personality. Poussacha is wise and rather precious. Chochodile is enthusiastic, but clumsy. Coiffeton is dynamic and a bit of a show-off.

Instead of rushing to your destination, you can search the surrounding area. Many objects are hidden in the grass, behind trees and just about anywhere. Simply press the A button in front of the Poké Balls on the ground or in front of the small sparkles.

On the way to Principal Clavel's house, you will automatically unlock the ability to run.

Menzi and your first Pokémon

Once you arrive, the Pokémon will go and play in the garden, each on their own. Clavel welcomes you and introduces you to Menzi. Menzi is your class representative at the academy, but also the youngest Pokémon Master in Paldea. She loves Pokémon battles more than anything else and will be a rival for this adventure.

After the introductions, it's time to choose your starter! Who will be your starter Pokémon?

Your first Pokémon and Menzi - Solution Part 2 - Pokémon Scarlet and Purple - mandatory pokemon scarlet purple guide 0906 Poussacha 0 minia -

Type :

Your first Pokémon and Menzi - Solution Part 2 - Pokémon Scarlet and Purple - mandatory pokemon scarlet purple guide 0909 Chochodile 0 minia -

Type :

Your first Pokémon and Menzi - Solution Part 2 - Pokémon Scarlet and Purple - mandatory pokemon scarlet purple guide 0912 Coiffeton 0 minia -

Type :

As an indication, your choice of starter can affect the difficulty of the game. The starter Pokémon are generally more powerful than average, and the one you choose will probably be the main Pokémon of your team. Depending on your choice and the type of opponents you encounter, you may have more or less difficulty.

Chochodile is probably the Easy mode. There are many Pokémon that are weak to Fire attacks both early and late in the game. In addition, when it evolves to its final stage, it becomes a Spectre Type, which gives it a lot of resistance.

Headdress can have a hard time at the beginning of the game, due to the abundance of Plant and Electrik Pokémon that you encounter at the start. However, it has a wide range of attacks, including Normal, Water, Flight and Fighting, making it useful in almost any situation.

Poussacha suffers somewhat at the beginning and end of the game, due to the presence of Bug Pokémon and Flying Pokémon in Arenas or among the Dominants. It will be very comfortable in the mid-game, however, as most Pokémon are susceptible to its attacks.

For more information on starters and their development, please visit our page on the Best Starter for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

We chose Coiffeton for this solution because it not only had a lot of style, but also seemed to be the most interesting to play and had a medium difficulty.

First fight against Menzi

As you choose your starting Pokémon, Menzi will remember her own journey and decide to start over. She will ask Principal Clavel to give her one of the Pokémon you did not select.

It will choose the weak Pokémon against your Pokémonfor a higher challenge (for her).

Note that during the course of the adventure, you will regularly face Menzi. She does not adapt her team according to your choice of starter, but her own starter will always be part of her team.

In order to test your skills as a trainer, she offers you a first challenge. She's waiting for you on the beach behind Clavel's house. Join her in your first Pokémon battle.

Fight against Menzi

Your first Pokémon and Menzi - Solution Part 2 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - mandatory pokemon scarlet violet starter battle guide 1 minia -

Level 5

The very first battle against Menzi is not very difficult. Simply use your Pokémon type's attack two or three times to defeat your opponent.

If you chose Poussacha: use your Plant attack on Coiffeton.
If you chose Chochodile: use your Fire attack on Poussacha.
If you chose Coiffeton: use your Water attack on Chochodile.

If you're not familiar with Types in Pokémon, we highly recommend you check out our guide to the Type Table. Learning Pokémon Types is essential to winning battles.

On the way to the Academy

After your fight, Menzi will be very excited to help you become an even better trainer. She is committed to teaching you everything she knows and accompanying you to the Academy. Along the way, she plans to teach you how to catch Pokémon.

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