A new Council 4 in the Indigo Disc DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

At a recent Pokémon PresentsThe Pokémon Company presented its plans for the future. Various topics were discussed, including the upcoming DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. If you've already completed the main story, you'll be pleased to know that that a new Council 4 awaits you in The Indigo Disc at the end of the year.

Pokémon Presents brought us a wealth of new information about the two parts of the DLC The Buried Treasure of the Zero Zone. The Pokémon Company has unveiled a release date for Le Masque Turquoiseas well as a host of of new products in this first volume. The emphasis is not just on the first volume, as the second DLC, The Indigo Discwas also given its own dedicated passage.

The Institute's Terra-Dome

Your second school trip will take you directly to Institut Myrtilleled by a certain Cyano. It's a futuristic, gigantic, largely submerged facility. In the centre you'll find the Terra-Dômea single zone divided into four distinct artificial biomes. Each environment offers different encounters and Pokémon.

Institut Myrtille's Terra-dome is divided into four biomes.
The four Terra-dome zones: the Savannah Zone, the Coastal Zone, the Canyon Zone and the Polar Zone

As well as taking part in courses, you'll be able to explore this universe and, above all, fight. And there's plenty of fighting to be had thanks to the new League waiting for you!

The Blueberry League

Just as the Paldea region has a Pokémon LeagueInstitut Myrtille has its own League. The Blueberry League brings together all the students in the academy, who compete against each other to demonstrate their skills. In fact, this system classifies students according to their level of combat.

And where there are rankings, there are headliners... in this case Council 4. In the same way as Paldea Council 4 is made up of the region's best Trainers, the Institut Myrtille's is made up solely of elite fighters. These are Taro, Rubépin, Nérine and Irido.

You'll obviously have the chance to shine, as you'll be invited to take on this Council 4. Please note that each member will challenge you before you're allowed to take her on. The announcement trailer gives few details on this subject, but we already know that Nérine's challenge will require you to flying through ringsusing your Poké-Monture.

Nérine will challenge you before you can take her on.
Nérine's challenge lets you fly with your Poké-Monture.

The voice-over states that this flight capacity will be temporary, but could well be unlocked permanently in the futurewithout explaining how or when this would be possible. We're looking forward to this exciting challenge!

Presentation of Institut Myrtille Board 4

Once you've completed the tasks they set you, you'll be authorised to fight. the various members of the Council 4 from the Myrtille Institute. The list of their Pokémon has not been revealed, but we already have some information about them.

Taro, member of Board 4 of the Myrtille Institute

Taro. A caring student, who will show you around the school when you arrive.

Rubépin, member of Council 4 of the Institut Myrtille

Rubépin. A passionate cook AND Pokémon fighter.

Nérine, member of Board 4 of the Institut Myrtille

Nérine. She is able to keep her cool no matter what the situation. She is very attached to those closest to her.

Irido, member of Board 4 of the Institut Myrtille

Irido. A little lazy at first sight, he's a little combat genius. He has Pondralugon in his team, the evolution of Duralugon.

In addition to your activities at the Institute, you can also take part in the League Club. This brings together the members of Council 4, as well as other fighters you'll meet in the corridors and on the ground. A dedicated computer will allow you to donate Blueberry Points to the school's various Clubs. In doing so, you'll be able to redecorate the League Club premises to your own taste, for example!

There's no denying it, we can't wait to discover this DLC. However, no date has yet been given. All we know is that The Indigo Disc will be available this winter.