Taro, Pokémon Myrtille League Council 4 Champion in Violet and Scarlet

In the second volume of the DLC The Buried Treasure of the Zero Zonechristened The Indigo Discyou can take on Council 4 of the Blueberry League. The exceptional trainers in this group include Tarothe Pokémon Fairy specialist. In this guide, we'll explain how to succeed in your challenge, as well as how to battle it effectively.

Before going any further, please note that the highest ranked student can sit the final exam. In other words, you must reach the top of the League table. When this is the case, you can approach the various members of the Council to take part in their respective challenges.

Taro's challenge: a Pokémon quiz

Like any school, Institut Myrtille is a place of learning. What better way to check your knowledge than with a surprise test?

To be in with a chance of taking on Taro, you must answer the five questions correctly. Don't worry, you can make mistakes without having to start from scratch.

Quizz de Taro - Sample question - Pokémon The Indigo Disc
Answer to question 1
Quizz de Taro - Sample question - Pokémon The Indigo Disc
Answer to question 5

Below you will find the answers to the various questions:

  • Question 1 - In which part of his body does Pikachu store electricity?
    • Click on cheek of Pikachu,
  • Question 2 - What part of his body does Mimitoss use as radar?
    • Click on the eye of Mimitoss,
  • Question 3 - Which of the three Theffroi is an Authentic version?
    • Select the Theffroi which has a label underneath,
  • Question 4 - Which of these Météno is the Pink version?
    • Select the Météno Rose (you have to concentrate!) in the pack,
  • Question 5 - Which part of Granbull's body does the trainer use as a pillow?
    • Click on the belly de Granbull,

Take on Taro, the Council 4 Fairy Champion

Taro - Council 4 of the Blueberry League - Pokémon The Indigo Disk

Recommended types : Steel, Poison, Soil

Your first encounter with the trainer was on the day you arrived at the Institute. Back then, she welcomed you into the establishment alongside the Headmaster, but now she's facing you as a member of Council 4. Now that you've answered her question, get ready for a magical battle!

This Champion specialises in Pokémon of the Fairy type. She has six Pokémon in her team. Note that she has a Galar FlagadossBe sure to bring antidotes, otherwise you could lose your fighters stupidly! And don't forget that his favourite Pokémon, Minotaupehas a Fairy teratype.

Taro's Pokémon :

Granbull - Taro - The Indigo Disc


Level : 78
Type : Fairy

Farfaduvet - Taro - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 78
Types : Fairy/Plant

Flagadoss de Galar - Taro - The Indigo Disc

Flagadoss de Galar

Level : 79
Types : Poison/Psy

Oratoria - Taro - The Indigo Disc


Level : 79
Types : Fairy/Water

Charmilly - Taro - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 79
Type : Fairy

Minotaupe - Taro - The Indigo Disc


Level : 80
Types : Floor/Steel
Teratype : Fairy

If you would like further information about the various members of the Board, please refer to our guide to Council 4 of the Blueberry League. Have a good fight!