Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC Epilogue Solution

Shortly after the release of the volume The Indigo DiscThe Pokémon Company has announced a completely free epilogue for the DLC The Buried Treasure of the Zero Zone. As we suspected, this additional content brings a brand new Pokémon, called Peachaminus. In this guide, we explain how to beat and capture it.

Access the epilogue to The Buried Treasure of Zone Zero

To take part in this epilogue, don't bother updating your game - there's no need to download anything. However, you do need to carry out certain tasks before you can play it. We explain everything in this section.

Access conditions

The Pokémon Company has already warned players that this epilogue is only accessible under certain conditions. Here's the list:

  • You must have completed the main storyline of Pokémon Violet or Pokémon Scarlet,
  • You must have taken part in at the Academy tournamentwhich means doing the post-game,
  • You must have the DLC The Buried Treasure of the Zero Zone and complete the Turquoise Mask and the Indigo disc.

Recovering the Fabulous Pecha Berry

In fact, there is a fourth condition to fulfil, and this is the one that allows you to launch the epilogue. You must recover the Baie Pêcha Fabuleuse distributed via the menu Mystery gift. It couldn't be simpler.

Access the Pokémon Scarlet and Purple Mystery Gift menu
Collect the Fabulous Peach Berry to start the DLC epilogue

Go to the Poké Portal, then select Mystery Gift. Then go to the Via Internet. Then all you have to do is claim the famous berry. And now.., head for SeptentriaThe rest of the adventure is about to begin!

Launching the epilogue at Boutique Delapêche

When you arrive at SeptentriaIf you're looking for a shop, head for Boutique Delapêche, in Jaderaude. It's near the Centre Culturel, on the right. There you can talk to the sales assistant, but what we're interested in is the little pink cuddly toy on display.

Join Boutique Delapêche in Jaderaude to launch the epilogue
Interact with the pink plush to unlock a new quest

Interact with the object in question. When you have done so, you will receive a phone call from Pepperwhich asks you to find him in Cuchalaga. At the same time, you get the quest The Night of the Kibi.

The Night of the Kibi quest

Once back in Cuchalaga, go home. You'll find Pepper there, as well as other well-known faces, including Menzi and Pania!

On the road to adventure!

After a few discussions with your colleagues, you will receive a letter from Kassis. He invites you to join him in Jaderaude. Before heading back to Septentria, meet up with your friends at the south gate of Mesaledo. Then head for the heights of Jaderaude, in the northern part of the village, for reach the house of Kassis. After your discussion, return to the Cultural Centre.

Roseille behaves strangely in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet epilogue

The little troupe then Meeting Roseillewho behaves strangely and has only one word in his mouth: "Kibi" (mochi in English). Worried about his sister, Kassis is asking for your help to take her home then explains that she's been strange for a few days. This is the start of the investigation into "a so-called curse".

Then retrace your steps and enter the Cultural Centre. Search the remote control in the flower pot by the grey door and set off in search of Menzi.

Suspicious opponents

Outside, you face two NPCsjust as strange as Roseille. All they do is shout Kibi Kibi over and over again. A duet battle - with Kassis - kicks in. Here are their Pokémon:

  • Pokémon d'Odile
    • Malamandre - Level 79 - Types: Poison and Fire,
    • Empiflor - Level 79 - Poison and Plant types,
  • Pokémon de Gaston
    • Migalos - Level 79 - Poison and Insect types,
    • Noarfang - Level 79 - Types Normal and Vol,
Two passers-by challenge you in the Pokémon epilogue
You have to face Kassis' grandparents in the Pokémon epilogue.

After the battle, continue towards Septemplion. Then you come across Kassis's grandparents. The investigation is moving forward! It seems that the pink mochis are the source of the evil affecting the villagers. Once again, you take part in a duet with Kassis. Here's their Pokémon:

  • Pokémon Grandfather
    • Arbok - Level 80 - Poison type,
    • Smogogo - Level 80 - Poison type,
  • Pokémon of Grandma
    • Lugulabre - Level 82 - Spectre and Fire types,
    • Mammochon - Level 82 - Ice and Ground types,

At the end of this confrontation, Pepper asks you to return to the Cultural Centre. On the spot, he and Pani tell you all about their misadventures and tell you that something strange is wandering the streets of Jaderaude. It is then a sort of little pink ball - who looks exactly like the cuddly toy - appears on the roof of the shop. It is in fact Peachaminus!

Meet Pêchaminus
Pania and Pepper are attacked by Pêchaminus

It attacks you and takes control of Pepper and Pania thanks to his famous mochis. This is followed by another duel with Kassis. Here are the Pokémon you'll be up against:

  • Pokémon of Pepper
    • Rongrigou - Level 82 - Type Normal,
    • Crustabri - Level 82 - Water and Ice types,
    • Dogrino - Level 83 - Darkness type,
  • Pokémon de Pania
    • Noctali - Level 84 - Darkness type,
    • Phylalli - Level 84 - Plant type,
    • Nymphali - Level 85 - Fairy type,

Pursue Pêchaminus and confront Menzi

Once you've finished this fight, pursue Peachaminus. To do this, go to at the Parc Adoramiin the north-western part of Jaderaude. You'll have to be patient a little longer before you can take him on. face Menziwhich also came under its control.

Mind you, this is not the simplest of battles and is played out solo. It has six Pokémon in its team. As usual, its flagship Pokémon depends on your starter. It's either Palmaval, Flâmigator or Miascarade. In all cases, it will be level 87.

  • Here is the list of your opponents:
    • Lougaroc - Level 86 - Rock type,
    • Pohmarmotte - Level 86 - Types: Electrik and Combat,
    • Muplodocus - Level 86 - Dragon type,
    • Ékaïser - Level 86 - Dragon and Combat types,
    • Rubombelle - Level 86 - Insect and Fairy types,
    • The flagship Level 87 Pokémon,

Capture Pechaminus and complete the epilogue

The epilogue is drawing to a close... Right after your battle with Menzi, you'll be able to take on the Pokémon responsible for all this mayhem. And let's face it, he's not too happy about you standing up to him... The battle is similar to a Boss or Raid battle.

Peachaminus, the mystery Pokémon from the Pokémon Violet and Scarlet DLC epilogue.

Pêchaminus attacks

Machination : Increases the caster's Special Attack,
Toxik : Severely poisons the target,
Unhealthy Chain: Inflicts Poison damage and has a 50/50 chance of poisoning the target,
Ball'Ombre : Inflicts Spectre damage and can reduce the target's Special Defence,

Peachaminus is level 88. It's a Pokémon from Poison and Spectre typeswhich does not have a Teracrystal type. It has four attacks at its disposal, and essentially seeks to poison your Pokémon. It also has the Toxic Hold Talentwhich confuses the target if it has been poisoned beforehand.

To overcome them easily, we recommend that you have Pokémon with Darkness, Ground, Spectre and/or Psy attacksThese include Crocorible, Spiritomb, Noctali and Magirêve.

Once you have weakened it sufficiently, you can send a Poké Ball to capture it. After your exchanges with Menzi and Roseille, return to Paldea to complete the quest The Night of the Kibi.