Pokémon Buried Treasure of the Zero Zone gets an epilogue

While some players have yet to complete the adventure of the second volume of DLC The Buried Treasure of the Zero Zone of Pokémon Scarlet and VioletThe Pokémon Company is already announcing a sequel for next January, in the form of an epilogue. We tell you more about the possible content of the story.

/!\ Caution spoilers /!\

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet invite players to discover the Paldea regionIn the end, they'll also be faced with a new challenge, as they set off in search of the secret spices or to fight Team Star. At the end of the adventure, they also find themselves confronted with the Zero Zone. While some of the mystery surrounding this place is revealed in the main story, not all its secrets have yet been revealed.

More information available thanks to DLC The Buried Treasure of the Zero Zoneand in particular the second volume, entitled The Indigo Disc. The players do Meeting Terapagoswhich is none other than the famous treasure hidden at the bottom of the Zero Abyss. After that, the school exchange comes to an end, and the most motivated can tackle the ancient Legendary Pokémon, scattered all over Paldea. And that's all there is to it!

However, the story of the DLC still doesn't seem completely finished. The Pokémon Company has released a trailer announcing an epilogue for the Buried Treasure of Zone Zero. Trainers will be back on the road to SeptentriaThis time, however, we're joined by Menzi, Pepper and Pania.

It's hard to say exactly what this sequel will be about, but the final images in the video give us some interesting clues. We can see a sign with the caption Adoramis. So there's a good chance we'll have to deal with them again. A more than likely assumption when you look at the video shown in Turquoise Maskat the same time as we talk to Roseille's grandfather.

Silhouettes can be seen, corresponding to Favianos, Fortusimia and Félicanis. But we can also see that there are a fourth shape in the top right-hand corner. It is therefore possible that this new adventure will lead us in the footsteps of this Pokémon, provided that it is indeed a Pokémon.

There may be a fourth Adoramis in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

This idea is supported by another image in the trailer: a pink cuddly toy. It could refer to a Pokémon called Peachaminus. The name and existence of this Pokémon have not yet been confirmed.

The epilogue will be totally free - you need to own the DLC of course - and it will be available for download 11 January 2024, from 3pm French time. To play it, you'll need to have completed the main storyline in both volumes, as well as a post-game event from the base game, possibly the Academy tournament.