Pokémon The Turquoise Mask: recovering Ogerpon's masks

Contrary to what appearances might suggest, Ogerpon is not the villain of the story in The Turquoise Mask DLC of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. This guide explains how to retrieve the various masks stolen from him by the Adoramis. In the last section, you can find out how to capture Ogerpon.

Repairing the Turquoise Mask

Following your first meeting with Ogerpon, you recovered Turquoise Mask. Your objective isn't very complicated: you have to give it back.

Ogerpon lost his Turquoise Mask when you first met him.

Recovering the Crystal Piece

Your journey takes you to the home of Roseillewhere you can meet his grandfather. He has asked you to help him repair the Turquoise Mask. You must get your hands on a Piece of CrystalThis stone is essential for completing the repair. This stone is available in the Crystal Lake areaon the summit of Mont Strueux.

Once there, you must defeat a level 73 Milobellus. Since it is type WaterIf you want to win, we recommend that you take Pokémon with Electrick and/or Plant-type attacks. Note that Roseille will be accompanying you for this duel. After your victory, pick up the Crystal Piece that the Milobellus has knocked to the ground.

Defeat Kassis to regain the Turquoise Mask

At this point, you have to return to Roseille and fight Kassiswho has stolen the Turquoise Mask while you were away. To recover the precious relic, you must go to Adorami Park. For this confrontation, he has five Pokémon : Yanmega (level 68), Scorplane (level 66), Tartard (level 71), Nigosier (level 65) and Pomdramour (level 69).

Once your battle is over, you can pick up the Turquoise Mask and you meet the Adoramisthe real villains of this DLC. You'll soon be able to go head-to-head with them, but first.., visit the Intendant of Septemplion to learn that he has given the Masks of Ogerpon to the Adoramis.

We explain how to capture the Adoramis in Pokémon, namely Favianos, Félicanis and Fortusimia.

Fight the Adoramis and recover the Masks

Now that you've done that, you need to take the path to the Forbidden Cavelocated on Mont Strueux. Outside the cave, you come face to face with the three scoundrels who are attacking Ogerpon. And there.., you face Fortusimia. It is level 70 and Poison/Psy types. We advise you to opt for Darkness, Ground and Spectre attacks to get the better of them.

Fortusimia - The Turquoise Mask - Pokémon Violet and Scarlet
Fortusimia - The Turquoise Mask

After his defeat, Fortusimia joins forces with his two comrades to attack you, but their attempt is stopped dead in their tracks and they flee. You must therefore track them down one by one to recover the three Masks they have stolen the Mask of the Well, the Mask of the Stone and the Mask of the Furnace. From then on, Ogerpon will accompany you on your journey.

If you want to collect the clues yourself to determine their location, go to Jaderaude. Here you'll find various NPCs to help you in your search. If not, here are their exact locations.

Location of Adoramis

Location of Adoramis in Pokémon The Turquoise Mask

Recover the Mask of the Well from the Giant Fortusimia

We suggest you set off in the direction of Fortusimia to recover the Mask of the Well. It's hidden somewhere in Etang des Glycines in the south-west of Septentria.

You'll see quite quickly, but this time it's about a giant version of Pokémon. Roseille supports you in this new battle. As before, we recommend Darkness, Ground and/or Spectre attacks. After the battle, pick up the mask and return it to Ogerpon.

There's no need to try too hard to capture it (or the other two), as it's not possible at this stage of the story. To learn more, please refer to our guide to capturing Adoramis.

Get the Mask of the Furnace from the Giant Favianos

Favianos - The Turquoise Mask - Pokémon Violet and Scarlet
Favianos - The Turquoise Mask

Now we invite you to set off for Mont Strueux, to the north-east of Lac Cristallin. To be more precise, you need to go to Gorge de la Corne. This is where the Giant Favianosand, in fine, le Masque du Fourneau.

Favianos is also from level 70. It has Poison and Fairy types So go for ground, steel and psy attacks. Note that Roseille accompanies you again in this fight. After his defeat, Favanios flees: all you have to do is retrieve the mask and return it to Ogerpon.

Get the Mask of the Stone from the Giant Félicanis

Felicanis - The Turquoise Mask - Pokémon Violet and Scarlet
Félicanis - The Turquoise Mask

Time to recover the Mask of Stone. This one is well guarded by Giant Félicaniswho fled to the extreme north-west of Septentria, in la Lande de la Quiétude.

Like the other two Adoramis, Félicanis displays a level 70but has the Poison and Combat types. We'd advise you to take along Pokémon with Ground and Flight-type attacks to bring it down. Once again, Roseille will support you in this battle. Once you've defeated it, pick up the mask and give it to Ogerpon.

On Kassis' orders, return to Jaderaude to continue your adventure. After a few conversations with the villagers, take the road to the Forbidden Cave.

How do you capture Ogerpon?

At this stage, Ogerpon wants to join your troop, but your rival gets in the way and you have to beat him to move on. His team has changed slightly since your last encounter. From now on, it has six Pokémon in its possession Tengalice (level 71), Tarinorme (level 71), Scorvol (level 76), Yanmega (level 72), Tartard (level 72) and Pomdramour (level 72). With victory in your pocket, it's time to capture Ogerpon.

The fight against Ogerpon

Facing Ogerpon is no easy task. We recommend that you are well prepared and have enough supplies to treat your Pokémon. After all, you play all four forms of the Pokémon in successioneach with its own four masks. Each form has its own type and teratype, but all are level 70.

Ogerpon - Furnace Mask Form - Pokémon Scarlet and Purple DLC

Form Masque du Fourneau
Type : Plant/Fire
Teratype: Fire
Level: 70

Ogerpon - Well Mask Form - Pokémon Scarlet and Purple DLC

Masque du Puits shape
Type : Plant/Water
Teratype: Water
Level: 70

Ogerpon - Stone Mask Form - Pokémon Scarlet and Purple DLC

Mask of Stone form
Type : Plant/Rock
Teratype: Rock
Level: 70

Ogerpon - Turquoise Mask Form - Pokémon Scarlet and Purple DLC

Turquoise Mask Shape
Type : Plant :
Teratype: Plant
Level: 70

When you've defeated every version of Ogerpon, send a Pokéball to finally capture it. You can then add him to your team. Next time you fight him, make sure you give him the mask you want him to use.

This stage marks the end of the second arc of the Turquoise Mask. You must then defeat Roseille and return to the Intendant to complete the orienteering raceand finish the main story of the DLC.