Okuba, Normal Arena Champion- Solution Part 19 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Continuation of the solution to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with this Part 19: a secret dish, fights and your fifth badge.

In this section we will:

  • Join Mezclamora
  • Order a secret dish
  • Fight Okuba, the Normal Arena Champion
  • Confronting Menzi

Join Mezclamora

If you follow the order you advise usYou have just fought Team Star's Poison Team near the Tague Grove. Shortly before, you went to the town of Mezclamora to get the fast travel point. Use it to get there and continue the The way of the Master. In doing so, you will obtain the fifth badge. Your next opponent, Okuba, is the champion of the Normal Arena.

The secret dish of the Culinary Treasure

Menzi is waiting for you in the Arena Hall. She asks you to face her when you have finished the Arena. After chatting with her, speak to the receptionist to receive instructions for this new exam. In order to face Okuba, you must first order the secret dish from the menuat the Culinary Treasure.

In order to get clues as to which dish it is, you must face other students who take the exam. There are three of them and they can be easily spotted thanks to their Academy uniform.

If you want to fight, read on, otherwise go to the Order the dish section.

You want to face the students

  • First student:

It is located in front of the Arena and has a level 34 Ursaring. Once defeated, you receive 4760 Pokédollars and a "the darkness surrounded by stairs. You have to go down the stairs of the amphitheatre and approach the gate. You get the word Deflagration.

  • Second student:

It is located in front of the restaurantYou are defeated by two level 34 Pokémon: Argouste and Rongrigou, near the umbrellas. Once defeated, you receive 4,760 Pokédollars and a "the intruder at the ice-cream stand. See you at at the pink and blue standwhich is located nearby: you can order Grilled rice balls.

  • Third student:

It is located in front of a man with a bird on his head. It has a single level 34 Pokémon, Insolourdo. When you defeat it, you receive 4,760 Pokédollars and a "the cry of the blue bird Pokémon. Just talk to the bird on the man's head; he shouts Pourdeu! .

This task also requires observing and talking to regulars of the restaurant. In fact, you have to talk to the person sitting at the bar, who tells you how important lemon. With this last clue, you have all the elements to order the secret dish.

You want to order the dish

Go to the Culinary Treasure and talk to the waiter at the entrance. In order, the answers to his questions are Toasted rice balls - For two - Very cooked, Deflagration style - Lemon. You have passed the exam! As usual, you are allowed to face the Champion. There is no need to return to the Arena. Talk to the server again to start the fight.

Get the Normal badge

Okuba, who is none other than the counter's customer, has three Normal-type Pokémon: Dodoala, Deusolourdo and Etouraptor. Beware of its last Pokémon. Unlike the previous champions, who used Teracrisis defensively, Okuba uses it offensively. Thus, its Sturgeon will inflict double the damage.

For this arena, we recommend that you have Pokémon from level 37 and to give preference to those of the type CombatYou can also use the Ice or Rock type to defeat Sturaptor. Doing so will make it easier to defeat opposing Pokémon.

Okuba's Pokémon:

Okuba, Champion of the Normal Arena- Solution Part 19 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - mandatory pokemon scarlet violet guide 0775 Dodoala 0 minia -


Level : 35
Type : Normal

Okuba, Champion of the Normal Arena- Solution Part 19 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - mandatory pokemon scarlet violet guide 0944 Deusolourdo 1 minia -


Level : 35
Type : Normal

Okuba, Champion of the Normal Arena- Solution Part 19 - Pokémon Scarlet and Purple - mandatory pokemon scarlet purple guide 0398 Etouraptor 0 minia -


Level : 36
Types : Normal / Flight
Teratype : Normal

Okuba will offer you 6480 Pokédollars for your victory, and the CT025 - Façade. In addition to these two awards, you will get the Normal BadgeThe fifth badge, which allows you to capture Pokémon up to level 45.

Take on Menzi

When you return to the arena, you will come across Alismathe League's Mistress. Menzi joins you to do the battle she asked you to do when she arrived. At this point, she has four Pokémon, including Lougaroc, Pohmotte and Mucuscule. The last one always depends on the starter you choose. Her Pokémon are level 36. Once the fight is over, Alisma offers you 4440 Pokédollars and a new TC, the CT0171 - Tera Explosion.

To continue in the order we recommend, head for the snowy territories to the north. You must go to FrigaoThe city which is home to Laïmthe Champion of the Spectrum Arena.