1/4 hour of gameplay for Pokémon Violet Scarlet

This Thursday, October 6th, Game Freak and Nintendo have unveiled a new new gameplay images of their upcoming games Pokémon Violet Scarlet. While the latter are only expected on 18 November, this new video gives a greater insight into what lies ahead.


The latest video posted by Nintendo shows us new images related to the Teracrystallisation. This phenomenon, unique to the Paldea region, affects all Pokémon and allows them to strengthen the capabilities they have in common with their Terascrist type. In total, there are 18 types, and each Pokémon can have any Teracrystal type. That's why you can find Teracrystallised Leveinard in Spectrum type, for example.

As you walk through Paldea, you may also come across glowing Pokémon. These are actually teracrystallised Pokémon. Deal enough damage to them to return them to their original form so you can catch them.

1/4 hour gameplay for Pokémon Scarlet Violet - simularbre tetacristallise pokemon scarlet violet -

Let's go!

A new command has been added to the list of commands, which is "Onward!". Use it to release the first Pokémon from your team. Once out of its pokéball, it can battle other Pokémon on its own or collect items for you. It will come in handy throughout your adventure, especially when you enter the Team Star lairs.

Fighting members of Team Star will be part of one of the three game scenarios. Enter their lairs and use the "Go!" command to send your Pokémon to defeat the minions that will try to block your path. To get out of a lair, you'll have to fight its boss.

1/4 hour gameplay for Pokémon Violet Scarlet - team star lair pokemon violet scarlet -
Team Star Den
1/4 hour gameplay for Pokémon Violet Scarlet - boss team star pokemon violet scarlet -
One of the Team Star bosses

Many activities to do

In Pokémon Scarlet Violet, you can do a number of different activities. First, go to a Pokémon Center to use the CT machine. The principle is very simple. Use it to make your own TCs from samples obtained after beating or catching a Pokémon.

In Paldea, you can also visit a hairdressing salon to change your haircut and its colour, or the shape and colour of your eyes. When you are satisfied with the result, you can take a picture of yourself and include it in your profile!

1/4 hour gameplay for Pokémon Scarlet - pokemon scarlet hair salon -
Hairdressing salon
1/4 hour gameplay for Pokémon Scarlet Violet - pokemon scarlet violet profile -
Trainer profile

But that's not all! You will also have the possibility to have picnics with your Pokémon. During this activity, you can play ball with your little friends or wash them. And when it's time to eat, you can just make delicious sandwiches with ingredients purchased in town. These sandwiches, if successful, will bring you bonuses such as easier capture of certain types of Pokémon or an experience bonus for your whole team.

1/4 hour gameplay for Pokémon Scarlet Violet - washing your purple scarlet pokemon -
Washing your Pokémon
1/4 hour gameplay for Pokémon Scarlet - pokemon scarlet sandwich creation -
Creation of sandwiches

Discover Farigiraf and a more advanced Pokédex

This video has revealed the evolution of Girafarig. Give a proper welcome Firagirafa small Pokémon that is very similar to its pre-evolution. The only difference is that this one no longer has a tail, as the tail entity now encompasses its head, as you can see in the image below.

1/4 hour gameplay for Pokémon Scarlet - farigiraf pokemon scarlet violet -
Farigiraf, the evolution of Girafarig

Finally, the Pokémon Violet Scarlet Pokédex has some new features. Paldea's Pokédex will allow us to see pictures of the Pokémon, as well as give us information about them.

1/4 hour gameplay for Pokémon Scarlet - pokedex pokemon scarlet purple -
Pokédex of Paldea

That's it for today. We can't wait to learn more about the gameplay and especially can't wait for the game to be released to discover new Pokémon.