Nérine, Pokémon Myrtille League Council 4 Champion in Violet and Scarlet

In the second volume of the DLC The Buried Treasure of the Zero Zonechristened The Indigo Discyou can take on Council 4 of the Blueberry League. The exceptional trainers in this group include Nérinethe Pokémon Steel specialist. In this guide, we'll show you how to complete her challenge, and how to battle her effectively.

Before going any further, please note that the highest ranked student can sit the final exam. In other words, you must reach the top of the League table. When this is the case, you can approach the various members of the Council to take part in their respective challenges.

Nérine's challenge: an aerial race

In order to compete against Nérine, you'll first have to prove your flying skills... or rather your riding skills. In this event, the Council Champion challenges you to complete an aerial course on the back of your mount. How do you do that, since your horse can't fly? Well, thanks to a special treat, your companion will be perfectly capable of moving through the air.

Nérine's aerial race in Pokémon The Indigo Disk.
Nérine's aerial journey in Pokémon The Indigo Disc.

Your aim is to reach the end of the circuit - which consists of a succession of rings scattered across the sky. Terra-Dôme - before the time runs out. The more rings you cross, the more seconds you gain on your hourglass. Don't worry, there's nothing too complicated about this challenge!

Take on Nérine, the Council 4 Steel Champion

Nérine - Council 4 of the Blueberry League - Pokémon The Indigo Disc

Recommended types : Water, Soil, Combat, Fire, Darkness

Contrary to what its challenge might suggest, it doesn't specialise in Pokémon of the Flight type, but rather those of the Steel type. It's not an easy battle, as it involves a 2 on 2 confrontation.

If possible, form a team made up of level 80 Pokémon. We strongly recommend that you have several Water, Combat and Ground attacks to get to grips with Nerine quickly. We also recommend that you have a Pokémon with Darkness and possibly Spectre attacks to take down Nérine. Symbios more easily.

Nérine's Pokémon :

Triopikeur d'Alola - Nerine - Le Disque Indigo

Alola Triopiker

Level : 78
Types : Floor/Steel

Airmure - Nérine - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 78
Types : Steel/Theft

Symbios - Nérine - The Indigo Disc


Level : 79
Types : Psy

Cizayox - Nérine - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 79
Types : Insect/Steel

Pingoleon - Nérine - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 79
Types : Water/Steel

Metalosse - Nérine - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 80
Types : Steel/Psy
Teratype : Steel

If you would like further information about the various members of the Board, please refer to our guide to Council 4 of the Blueberry League. Have a good fight!