Meloco and Team Star Fire - Solution Part 15 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Continuation of the solution to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet With this part 15, we will tackle Brome and Team Star's Team Darkness.

In this section we will:

  • Talking with Clove
  • Attacking the Fire Team base
  • Confronting Meloco, the leader of this camp

If you have followed our solution and the recommended orderYou are located in the East Zone n°2, in the heart of Levalendura. Now head south and cross the bridge. Then head west to reach East Zone 1. When you come to a second bridge, cross it and head south again. Not far from the path you should see a huge barricade. This is the of the Schedar Group's lair Team Star.

By approaching it, Clove joins you again. He gives you more information about his participation in the operations against Team Star. Once the discussion is over, the raid can begin.

Attacking the Team Star Firebase

For this new mission, we advise you to place your three Pokémon strongest and most effective against the Fire type at the top of your team. As before, we're talking about the types of your Pokémon, not their abilities. In Team Star battles, it's the types that matter; here, you need either Water or Ground type Pokémon. In order to get rid of your opponents easily, your Pokémon must be at least level 27.

To launch the assault, you will have to talk to the henchman guarding the entrance and defeat his Malosse level 25, in regular combat.

When this is done, you enter the base. The rules are identical to the previous raid against Team Darkness: beat 30 opponents in less than 10 minutes using the "Forward" function

Explore the base looking for the different groups of henchmen. They all attack you at once, and you can do the same: during a base assault you can release your first 3 Pokémon with the "Forward" function.

If one of your Pokémon is too injured to fight, remember that there are vending machines on the edges of the field that can restore them.

Meloco, the leader of Team Star's fire team

Once you have defeated all of his henchmen, the captain of the Fire Team shows up to confront you. She is Meloco, a strong-willed Academy student. If you want to chase Team Star out of this area of Paldea, you have to beat her!

Beware of his StarmobileThis Vrombotor is indeed a fire type.

Meloco and Team Star Fire - Solution Part 15 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - mandatory pokemon scarlet violet guide 0324 Chartor 0 minia -


Level : 27
Types : Fire

Meloco and Team Star Fire - Solution Part 15 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - mandatory pokemon scarlet violet guide 0970 Vrombotor 0 minia -

Starmobile Schedar

Level : 26
Type : Fire

When the battle is over, you will get new data on Team Star. When you leave the base, you will come face to face with CassiopeiaThis will provide you with League Points and tell you that the CT machine contains new attacks. In addition, Pania will give you samples.

We now invite you to continue your hunt for Dominant Pokémon. To do so, fly to Levalendura and head towards the mine, taking the northern exit of the city. You will battle the Steel-Trench Dominant!