Mashynn, the new champion of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

A few days ago, Nintendo released a video of a quarter of an hour revealing to us a whole host of new features for its upcoming games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Today, it is Mashynnan arena champion, who is introduced to us.

For Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, there's no 15-minute video this time, just a short four-minute cinematic. No major information was revealed, except that we now know who our opponent will be in the Levalendura arena.

Cute and colourful, she answers to the name of Mashynn. Champion of Électrik type but not only, since this lady is also a video content creator and influencer. She introduces herself live on her stream and invites us to participate in a little game. This consists of guessing the identity of her Pokémon Partner.

Mashynn, the new champion of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple - mashynn the new champion of pokemon scarlet and purple -

According to the clues given by the champion, this Pokémon is from Électrik type and his body could be deformed to generate electricity in its belly. It would also be " boing boing like rubber "when touched, a bit clumsy and rather relaxed. Finally, it would have two bumps on the head and would really be " TOO CUTE" . So, do you have it? No ? Well, neither do we.

Indeed, after giving us a lot of information about this Pokémon, Mashynn announces that she will give the answer at the next live show. Will it be known already or will it be a new ninth-generation Pokémon? We'll probably have to wait for a future video to find out the identity of this mysterious partner.