The Winds of Paldea, a mini-series in the universe of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

At the recent Pokémon Presents, The Pokémon Company unveiled a brand new short series, entitled Pokémon: The Winds of PaldeaPaldean Winds in English. Set in the world of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The Japanese firm also took the opportunity to give more details about the parts of the Buried Treasure of Zone Zero DLC.

As mentioned on The official Japanese websiteThis original anime was co-produced by The Pokémon Company and WIT Studiothe studio that worked on the Pokémon: The Snows of Hisui.

Pokémon: The Winds of Paldea invites you to follow the initiatory journey of three Orange Academy students. The adventure will focus on Oharaa shy pupil with a particular talent for the flute, who was looking to escape the pressure of concert life, Alixa Pokémon battle enthusiast, and finally Hohma who only wants one thing: to get THE scoop.

In reality, the three young trainers have been entrusted with an important mission by Clavel, the school Director. They must make a video for new and transfer students, showing them just how wonderful the academy is. The task is unlikely to be easyThey will have to come to an agreement on certain points and put their personal desires to one side for a while...

Of course, they won't be venturing into the lands of Paldea on their own, as each of them has a Pokémon at heart by their side. Ohara is accompanied by a cheerful Chochodilewhile Alix teams up with a Miascarade who is particularly sensitive and loves treats. As for Homa, he never goes anywhere without his Headdress !

In total, this series will comprise four episodes. Please note that the first will be broadcast free of charge from 6 Septemberon the Licence YouTube channel. We can't wait to follow their adventures!