Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Teracristal Raids

Raids are back in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Gone are the Dynamax Raids, this time they are Teracristal Raids that you'll have to overcome to capture rare Pokémon or Pokémon with unique types.

Before we start, we'll assume that you know everything there is to know about the Teracrystal transformation. If you don't, check out our guide to Teracrystallisation in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

How to launch Teracrystal Raids

To launch a Teracrystal Raid, you will first need to find a Teracrystal. They can be found all over the Paldea wilderness. When you open your map, you will see many icons of types surrounded by a kind of star. Each icon corresponds to a Teracrystal of the type displayed.

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Go to the crystal you are interested in and interact with it to see which Pokémon will be the target of the raid. The introductory sheet shows you its shadow, its Teracrystal Type, and its difficulty level, symbolised by the number of stars displayed. The more stars, the more difficult the battle.

Raids are necessarily done with 4 fighters against one Pokémon. Don't worry if you don't have friends or an internet connection, you can choose to do the Raid online with other players or solo, accompanied by I.Abefore starting the fight.

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When you start the battle and when you leave it, your Pokémon will be fully healed.

Fighting in the Raids

Once the fight has begun, you have 10 minutes to defeat your opponent and not one more. While this is more than enough time for one- and two-star raids, things get more complicated with 6- to 8-star raids.

From there, the fight plays out a little differently and doesn't exactly follow the classic turn-based rules. The target will attack you every time you attack it, but if you do nothing, you can still get attacked too. So don't spend too much time procrastinating.

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In Raid battles, you cannot switch Pokémon or use items from your backpack. On the other hand, you can encourage your allies. By encouraging your allies, you can either boost the attack stats of all players, boost their defence stats, or heal them and remove their status alterations.

You and your team can only use 3 incentives during a raid. These are 3 cheers per teamDo not use 3 cheers per player. Use them wisely and not in any way, otherwise your whole team will be penalised.

Capture the Raid Pokémon Teracristal

Once the Pokémon is defeated, it will lose its transformation and you will have the opportunity to throw a Pokéball, and only one. For the Raid host, capture is guaranteed in Teracrystal Raids. They can use any Pokéball they want. This is not the case for players who have joined him.

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If you have joined another player's raid, your chances of capture depend on many factors, including the capture rate of the defeated Pokémon and the number of stars in the raid. When you throw your Pokéball, the game assumes that the target has only 1 HP left.

The Raid Téracristal rewards

Teracrystal Raids have many uses that will delight players looking to optimise their creatures. :

  • They allow you to capture Pokémon with an atypical Teracrystal type
  • They sometimes allow you to capture rare Pokémon
  • They allow you to gain a lot of experience (but not EV)
  • They allow you to get a lot of LP (the game's currency)
  • They allow you to obtain many objects
  • They allow you to obtain Tera-Shards to change the type of one of your Pokémon