Pokémon Picnics, Sandwiches and Taste Auras

During your travels in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you'll be able to set the table and eat sandwiches at a picnic with all the Pokémon in your party. This is a great way to get together for a variety of reasons, whether it's to reproduction, or the deployment of Auras Gustatives of Pokémon.

Start a Picnic

To set the table for a picnic, you need to be in a large outdoor area to accommodate it. You can't start a picnic on a slope or on the back of your Pokémonture. When you think you've found the perfect spot, open the main menu and choose the picnic option.

Pokemon Picnics, Sandwiches and Taste Auras - mandatory pokemon purple egg reproduction guide 01 -

Once the picnic has started, wild Pokémon in the area will no longer attack youEven if they're hanging out very close to your table. This means you are free to engage in a variety of activities with your Pokémon.

Reproduction is one of the main interests of the picnic. We recommend you to read the egg and reproduction guide for more information.

Making a Sandwich

By interacting with your picnic table, you will be able to create Sandwiches. You are not free to create the one of your dreams though, as you will have to follow the recipes you unlock throughout the adventure.

Pokemon Picnics, Sandwiches and Taste Auras - mandatory purple pokemon picnic guide 01 -

Each Sandwich has 3 Taste Auras. These auras offer passive bonuses for your adventure for a few hours.

The different Taste Auras :

  • Egg Aura : finding eggs is easier
  • Aura Capture : catching Pokémon is easier
  • Aura Experience : more Experience points received
  • Aura Samples : more samples received
  • Aura Raid : more awards received after a raid
  • Aura Insignia : more Pokémon with a badge
  • Aura Shine : more Chromatic Pokémon
  • Giant Aura : more large Pokémon
  • Tiny Aura : more small Pokémon
  • Aura Rencontre : more Pokémon of certain types

By cooking the right dishes, you can therefore facilitate the success of your goals. Note that most Auras can have a type associated with them. So you might have a Fire Encounter Aura that increases your chances of running into Fire Pokémon.

If you don't have the ingredients to make sandwiches, you can find them in the wild or buy them in a shop. And if you really don't feel like cooking, you can go straight to a restaurant, but this will cost you a lot more.

Pokémon Grooming

Pokémon Grooming is now done during picnics. You will be able to participate in a mini game and wash your Pokémon. The main purpose of this activity is to find out how much affection a Pokémon has for you and to increase it a little bit.

Pokemon Picnics, Sandwiches and Taste Auras - mandatory purple pokemon picnic guide 03 -

Indeed, the emotions displayed by your Pokémon after grooming symbolizes the level of affinity between you.

  • One sign of anger, and the Pokémon doesn't like you very much.
  • A few drops of sweat and the Pokémon is still not comfortable.
  • A music note indicates that your Pokémon likes you.
  • One to five hearts and the Pokémon likes you a lot.