The best and worst bugs in Pokémon Violet and Scarlet

The latest installments in the Pokémon license, Pokémon Violet and Scarletwere particularly eagerly awaited. After several hours of browsing Paldea, gamers from all over the world started to share their opinions on these two titles. Many reviews are accompanied by clips illustrating hilarious and totally improbable bugs. Here's a little compilation!

A new Dominant Pokémon?

This new opus brings a lot of new features. Amongst all the activities on offer, there is, for example, hunting to Dominant Pokémon. These are characterised by their very large size. There are 5 of them, and Cadoizo is not one of them! Well, that's what we thought...

Small, Big, Small, Big...

A few days ago, a Redditer published on the platformHe discovered a bug that was both very funny and terrifying. While trying to get in and out of his Pokémonture, he found that his character became somewhat deformed... From a normal-sized human being, he turned into a giant with a frightening face. This creature to haunt your nights!

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple - Giant Bug

The official dance of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

After the Macarena, here is the next dance to master to turn heads at parties.

Have a good trip!

Another Reddit member recently shared its experienceThe game has been a bit of a trauma for the player, as he was peacefully playing ball with his Pokémon. Open worlds offer players greater freedom of movement and more opportunities to explore. Probably eager to make incredible discoveries, one of his Pokémon took advantage of the lack of limitations. And the worst part is that another Pokémon in his team followed suit! Some say they are still falling.

Pokémon can fall off cliffs.

Always further, always stronger, always lower!

The number of feedbacks about glitches through a building, a wall or even a Pokémon, continues to grow. While some bugs are particularly annoying, others offer the chance to discover unexpected areas of Pokémon Violet and Scarlet. Who knows, maybe there's another world with all the Pokémon that fell off the cliffs of Paldea.

It gives a certain style...

All over the world, it is possible to explore the seas in boats with completely transparent bottoms. In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you'll be able to see everything on the ground with the Invisible Pokémonture. By reservation only.

To infinity and beyondàààà

While some Pokémon feel like marine explorers for a day, others prefer to venture into space. With a little luck, this one may even meet Team Rocket!

No comment.

Combo of bugs!

To finish this compilation, we have reserved a nugget for you... There is no doubt that the girl on the right is learning the Paldea Dance.